26 April 2012

Karneval gets the anime adaptation treatment

It has been a while since I last read the manga but I have not given up completely on it yet since it is one of the many manga I read that I can still remember the details and I always plan on catching up to it. Great news (or not depending on which studios will make it and who will direct it) for the fans of this series though because we get to see Gareki and Yogi get animated soon!

The news came about a few days ago, thanks to the obi strip found in the 9th volume of the manga. To those who have not a clue, Karneval (カーニヴァル) is a shoujo manga by Mikanagi Touya with a little sprinkle of fantasy and a hint of BL in it, which is exactly why I read it in the first place. It is full of beautiful characters, male and female alike, with homoerotic sides to them.

I doubt the anime will be a big hit with the males, unless they are gay. As for girls, especially those who breath yaoi in everyday life, this is like the best news ever.  Jess is at least one of few people I know that will share my excitement about this. And perhaps Vien as well ^__^


This really looks promising, for the girls haha, ye i dont really think for the majority of us guys it will be that interesting ^^

that is exactly how us girls feel at the annoucement of AKB0048 :P

Holy cheeseburgers! This is so sudden & out of the blue @_@ now I have to re-read and catch up!

tbh Karneval isn't a manga I really cared for the story, but the artwork & designs are really great and the characters sooo cute. And kind of gay, as you said, which is a plus for some of us fans haha.

I wonder which studio will do it?? I'm really surprised it got green-lit. wooOOooooOooooo

don't underestimate the power of fujoshi, Vivi >=3

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