22 March 2011

Fractale: Episode 8 and 9

I am going to dedicate this week to Star Driver, Fractale and Level E. I will try to catch up and if I have more time to spare then I’ll play catch up with the older shows as well.

I’m going to start the week with Fractale episode 8. Clain and Phryne were captured. The ugly dude who captured them turned out to be Phryne’s father. Not her real father but like a priest at the Temple. A perverted one at that. I would have never guessed that these two were fuck buddies. Fuck, that makes me wanna puke. Those who think that Phryne is holier than thou must be weeping at the moment. No wonder she has no qualm getting naked in public. She might be unwilling victim or she did it because she wants to save Clain but that doesn’t change the fact that she was a slut, like all the Phryne before and after her will be. Yep, she’s not special. Remember the kid who looks like Nessa? Her name is Phryne too and there are several rooms more filled with Phryne. They are all considered as the key.

translated: "Let me fuck you"

See what I mean?

So thanks to Phryne, Clain was saved. While he’s recuperating, he met the other Phryne and found out that Phryne is actually Nessa as a grown up. (Are you confused yet? LOL)

In the mean time, Sunda is ready to attack the Temple because it seems like Nessa has gone to where Clain is. Dias offered a helping hand.

Nessa was obviously pissed that they hurt her precious Clain so she went to the temple looking for him and by sheer luck found him. With the help of slut Phryne, they got away only to end up at the Phryne disposal center where they dispose the defect and rejected Phryne. Dramatic scene followed where Clain tried to save the Phrynes. Of course before he managed to do that, the perverted father once again captured Phrynes.

At the same time, Sunda and Dias came to the rescue. As expected, Dias just does whatever he likes. He didn’t really understand what a rescue mission is and go on attacking the temple, obliterated almost everything (the pervert is miraculously alive though). That's my kind of guy but I like the responsible Sunda too so all fair.

That's my guy ^_^

And that’s the end of episode 8. Clain is one lucky motherfucker. He survived the fatal gunshot and the bombing all in one episode. I guess he is not allowed to die. Not when the slut Phryne has pretty much confessed to him.

In episode 9, the temple declared war with the Lost Millenium which means everyone in Fractale is allowed to kill the members of the Lost Millenium. The temple played dirty, destroying the village where innocent civilians are. I’ll be pissed too if I was Sunda especially when Dias unexpectedly revealed to the rest of the leader that Sunda has both keys for the reboot. Shit.


I can’t be mad at Dias either. His reasoning is solid but it’s inhuman. So they’ll go all out against the Temple as well. Wouldn’t killing Nessa and Phryne is much easier? LOL sorry sorry.

Sunda decided to leave Nessa and Phryne in the village under Clain’ care. Big mistake I think because either the pervert or Dias will be looking for them. They are much safer on the ship. But whatever. I’m more worried about the Granitz at the moment. My heart sank when they took the family picture because eventually some will never come back alive *sobs*

Phryne left while Clain and Nessa were sleeping. That’s good. She is making sure that Nessa and she are not too close that they can become one. That will reboot the fucking system. Obviously Clain will whine and go looking for her, fucking up all the other plans.

Yes. I’m fucking mad right now.

On the side note, I love the camera angle in episode 8, or perhaps in every other episode. I might just notice it now. Awesome.

So English is the universal language in Fractale and yet the speak Japanese


ffffffffff Fractale just makes me so... blarg nowadays. Even in previous episodes I didn't feel very compelled to keep watching.

And totally agreed about Phryne. Not special, and a bit of a slut.

Sunda is the only reason why I'm still watching. That and the fact that this is produced by A1 Pictures.

You totally didn't get the virginal inspection scene. They were checking if Phyrne was still pure. She definitely never had sex with her disgusting "father".

they are checking her vajayjay while the pervert look at it. yeah. I 'get' it.

You must be new here otherwise you will 'get' my style of writing as well. Anyway, hello there :)

Fractale, as of now = totally the shit.

I blame it all on Phryne.

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