12 March 2011

Bleach: Chapter 440

As you can see, I am not that excited to read Bleach hence why the delay. I can pretty much predict what's going on in this chapter. I hope Kubo proves me wrong though.

He started off with a suspense, as if Inoue is really in grave danger. I obviously thinks that Inoue needs to die because because of several reasons. She's acting noble seeking revenge for Ishida. Unfortunately she' no match for Tsukishima which means she's causing trouble for all her friends. If she' stronger and less dumb, she could have handle Tsukishima by herself.

Which is why she got stabbed through her titties. Saten Kesshun who made an appearance after how many years were totally useless.

Bad news is, it was all a hallucination or some shit like that because Inoue is still alive when Ichigo and Chad met her sitting in front of her apartment looking daze. She didn't tell her friends the truth but considering Tsukihima as her friend now. I mean, seriously, did you make her dumb and stupid on purpose Kubo just to annoy people like me?

Chad can read minds now. He know Inoue was lying because she wants to protect Ichigo and all that shit. Urgh fuck that. Friends don't keep secret from each other you dumb ass. She just made her friends more worried and of course Ichigo won't keep still until he finds out the truth so he went to the only source of information he knows now which is the Xcutioner headquarter.

At the end of the chapter Kuugo Ginjou told Ichigo that he knew who Tsukishima is. Apparently he was once an ally. I'm too lazy to think of any theory at the moment. This chapter sucks.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Ginjou and Tsukishima are both bad and working in tandem. That's my theory.

Disappointed that nothing major happened with Orihime. Kubo is trying to mess with us... and it's not working.

I actually like the theory of Ginjou and the others as bad guy. that would eventually lead to shinigami intervening. I'm looking forward to THAT.

As for Inoue, she served no other purposes in Bleach. the sooner you get that, the better

I'm kinda far behind in the manga. I'll probably pick it up again in a few months. That's just how I do it.

Anyway, this made me laugh:

"He started off with a suspense, as if Inoue is really in grave danger. I obviously thinks that Inoue needs to die because because of several reasons."

It sounds so causal and matter-of-fact the way you say it. As if you were pitching an idea in a brainstorming session or something.

I LOVE you're never ending hostility to Inoue. You need to write, like....a 5 page paper on why she should die. I would read it, and maybe even publish it.

I can't publish it, I have no money/connections.

But yeah, Inoue sucks.

You know what? I will write it down and post it. Maybe I'll talk about Nagisa too while I'm at it.

I know I probably complain about Bleach a lot (maybe too much), but this chapter was really bad... :(
Tsukishima is boring too. I miss the old days when I actually was excited about the newest chapter of Bleach.

Yeah after Azien's chapter bleach begun bleaching itself

It happened earlier then that. It happened after the Hueco Mundo arc, or dare I say, SS arc?

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