24 January 2011


Warning: This is obviuosly a self-glorified post

My second resolutions for the year of 2011 is to try out baking and get a professional cert for it. I was planning to quit my job and focus on getting the cert. Unfortunately, I can't leave my job at the moment with all the projects that are coming in. I need to find a replacement in less than a month time, which kinda impossible whats with the workload and scope of work that I'm doing.

It kind of frustrating because I really want to get into the academy and start baking as soon as possible! But I have to be a responsible adult. So I opted for another options that can keep the desire for learning burning (because if I don't, the passion would soon be extinguished). I bought a baking book and have keep myself busy baking cakes one after the other.

as you can see, I'm crazy about chocolate cakes

I must have a talent for it I guess since they all turned out fine and edible. I have lots of guinea pigs to test my cakes and they seemed to enjoy it a lot. I had even received several orders for them which just makes me even more determined to get the cert.

There are still few more recipes left in the book that I need to try out. Once that done, I'll proceed to the next book and so on. I can't wait for August to come!

Who knows baking can be so fun.

(c) vader

But not as fun as watching a great anime ^__^

And since this is a self glorify post, I just want to point out that in just roughly 4 months, I got another 100K hits. I beat Glo's record of 7 months but he's still far ahead of me and I doubt I can catch up to him. 200K hits and a post about cakes. It wasn't a big deal at all.


I want the cake in the very top right corner. It looks incredibly nommable.

You won't be holding that record for long, I should be getting 300K before the month is out.

That last picture is awesome.

I'm hungry.

Omg im so jealous they all look delicious hehe, do you need a taste tester, if so i volunteer :P

You definately have a knack for baking :-) i cant wait to see what you make next, mmmm caaakeee!! *drools* :P

The irony is, I'm not a cake eater. After a bite, I'm done. But yes, Honey & Almond cake is indeed nommable :P

Yeah, I noticed the hits, Glo. Chokkanda (that's Korean). You can nom me if you want LOL

@Richard, why were you jealous? You want to bake too? I'm waiting for the weekend to come so I can bake a raspberry cakes and maybe a blueberry muffins too. I want to make a ricotta cheesecake next but I couldn't find the baking beans here. Stupid suppliers >>

secret recipes 2?! You can do it buddy.

No, i want to bake as good as you lol, when i bake they end up all burnt and come out in weird shapes hehe, yours all look delicious, thats why im jealous hehe

lol nothing secretive about this LEon. At least not yet :D

and a man who bakes! Sexay! ♥

What does nom mean? I'm really dumb. I'm slightly really drunk. Go Red Sox. Bye.

nom according to urban dictionary: An expression of eating, or a sound thereof. Also could mean a sexually suggestive action upon either a male or female, one would use the lips and not so much the teeth, avoicing a chomp chomp like action

You baked all that!? That's incredible. Now I'm really hungry for some sweets.

Yeah wow. I don't even know why I asked that. I knew what it meant. I must've really been hammered.

It's okay Glo. I ♥ you the same ^_^

WOW KLUX YOU ARE SO TALENTED! did you make these from scratch? you should make cookies next! ^_^ lol I can never bake a cake without it turning all dry and stuff :/ man.. your gonna make such a great wife one day xD

awww shucks you make me blush! lol yeah, everything is from scratch. In case you don't know, I make dresses too though mostly wedding dresses. My future husband is one lucky bastard and yet I'm still single. What is wrong with the world, really? LOL

those all look delicious! wish i could be one of the taste tester :P

you are indeed a talented woman ^^

Yeah, I heard that a lot *smugs* XD

I've been baking more cakes but too lazy to take pictures right after I'm done and the cakes were finished before the day ends. Maybe the second time around.

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