15 March 2011

Help Japan

I feel guilty for not doing this sooner. Life fucked me bad but the Japan people had it worst. So, echoing Glo's and many other bloggers' effort, here I am imploring my reader to donate to Japan. If you still need a fucking reason, read this.

(c) yusri bachok

There are several ways to donate so there is really no reason why you are not doing it.

Alternatively, check out Mashable for other ways to donate.

Needless to say, most of us are pissed off with morons who think that the Japanese people deserved the disaster because of the bombing of Pearl Harbour and other such petty reasons. Some even tried to justify it with religion shit. I can't believe that such ignorant and imbecile people still live at this time and age.

The reason is simple, earth is in chronic state and the sooner people realized this the better. March 26 is Earth Hour day. I hope people are aware of what they should do for that one hour. You might think it is insignificant, it really is not.


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