05 March 2011

Bleach: Chapter 439

Another late entry. My life is really fucking me in the butt right now >=(

Oh shit. Kubo is psychic! >>

Kubo's attempt at humor continued in chapter 439. I was bored for the first few pages except when I saw Ichigo's cute face. After that the boredom continues.


Ichigo was pretty much done with his initial training to bring out his full-bring so he can go home now. He refused at first, thinking that he might as well stay at the club house but Ginjou didn't allow him to do so because he needs proper rest.

Back at Inoue's place, the nerd guy introduced himself as Tsukishima Shuukuro. That name is a mouth full if you asked me but it suited his character nonetheless. He can use a full-bring too and since he's always around with books in hand, obviously his full-bring has something to do with books. I was actually beaming when he took out his bookmark and the thing started to transform into a sword.

[colored by ioshik]

The reason he was there was to take care of Gishiwara and not Inoue. Being an upright character, Inoue of course stepped in to stop him, not only to protect Gishiwara but to seek revenge for Ishida as well. Does she really thinks she can defeat the dude?

Ichigo stopped by Chad's house for the left over bread that Inoue brought him. Chad obviously detected that something was wrong and started panicking.

Great. Once more the story is about saving Inoue. *yawns*

Wakes me up when the shit is over. By the way, now I started to believe that Tsukishima might be from the Xcutioners and he's there not to harm Inoue but to help her find her full-bring just like Ginjou did with Ichigo. Or we can still used my theory from the last chapter.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


If this turns out to be another save Orihime arc, I'm going to write Jump a stern-worded letter.

In caps.

I definitely agree with Bass O__O
C'mon... this is so cliche and passe for a plot...

well, thank goodness i just can't give up on bleach... not just yet... *one hand still holding on* @___@

@Bass, why Jump? You should send it to that bastard Kubo. In caps, written in pig's blood.

and yes Marie, after all said and done, I'm still a Bleach fan through and through. I dunno whether to feel sad or proud about it T_T

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