29 March 2011

Anime: Spring 2011 v2

Just noted that I am not happy with the deterioration of my post as of late. Take this post for example, I have been postponing this post since God knows when. I am simply too busy to sit down and write properly. I can't even remember the last time I wrote a chapter. That's how bad it is. Obviously the lack of writing makes me jittery and shit which consequently makes me grumpier than usual so if this post sounds forced, perhaps it was.

All I need now is a way to ease my tension and what better way to do it than talk about the upcoming Spring anime season. Hopefully it will lift up this terrible feelings I'm feeling at the moment.

Once again, let me thank Scamp for providing the chart, which according to him could be the last time he's doing it because cowboybibimbop is doing a better job at it. I'm too tired to argue.

I am not gonna waste my time repeating myself so I am just gonna say my two cents for the shows that I haven't mentioned (or mentioned enough) in my previous post.

  • Crap, I need to watch Nichijou OVA fast before the TV series airing. The synopsis shows great promise of randomness. I can honestly say I am interested with this one.
  • The story seems week for C but it's going to be aired at noitaminA so I am hopeful for this one.
  • I am skeptical about Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san because the poster just warns me not to take this show seriously, which of course in contra in what Production I.G usually produced.
  • Another noitaminA slot show, Ano Hana definitely got me hooked with the synopsis. Reuniting old friends sounds kinda fun. This reminds me of my own good time with friends. Furthermore, this one is produced by A1-Pictures. There are plenty of reason why this show is a must watch.
  • Kaiji season 2? I need to watch season 1 first >>
  • What is this I see? Is that Drossel? She's making a comeback with Fireball Charming. This should be fun, especially when the figures are made to compliment the old one.
  • Keeps Sofuteni the fuck away from me.
  • Hen Zemi is obviously a hentai.
  • There is nothing promising with Dog Days. Where it supposed to sound manly and mean, the synopsys made it sounds very gay.
  • I need to watch the first season of Tono to Issho otherwise I won't be able to proceed with season 2.
  • Dororon Enma-kun is a remake. It has potential but I'm not hoping at all.
  • Another anime based on pachinko game, Sengoku Otome will be as dumb if not dumber tha Rio! Rainbow Gate.
  • WTF? Qwaser no Stigmata II is already on schedule? Where the fuck is my Working!!
  • I'm going to stay clear of the last two rows anime in the chart.

I'm gong to reserve my thoughts on OVA and specials until I have finally seen it.

Alright then, I think I have covered everything. The tears can' stop falling so I'm going to say ciao and good night.


It's not too late to start marathoning Kaiji season 1. Get yourself ready, and you can enjoy the second season. If you don't, just think of all those sleepless nights you will have, thinking about how you aren't watching Kaiji. Save yourself that pain, and watch two or three episodes tonight!

Thanks for the pressure. I need it TT_TT

Hanasuka Iroha seems good too. It looks pretty.

My thoughts exactly, Yi. i said the same thing in my previous post. Kinda has high hope for it so I'm crossing my fingers that it won't turn out to be moe

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