31 March 2011

Bleach: Chapter 442

I think Riruka is jealous of Jackie but it could be deeper than that. For now however, I don't care to find out as the training, or 'battle' as Jackie called it, commenced.

you have got to love Ichigo's naivety sometimes

Jackie's fullbring is her dirty boots. Stinky and it gave her the power to become the Flash. Unfortunately the fight was boring as hell. I have no interest whatsoever at this moment.

As if Kubo reads my thoughts, he brought the story to the other side of the town where Inoue and Chad were having a conversation over the phone. Inoue told Chad what happened to her when Tsukishima paid her a visit.

I found it extremely suspicious that Tsukishima is the bad guy. If he is, he would have killed Sishigawara when his snot ended up all over his face. Besides, he might be fearful but he doesn't look dangerous. I don't get that vibe from him.

Tsukishima decided that he has had enough fun with Inoue so he's gonna leave her alone. His next target is either Chad or Ichigo. I doubt that he'll go after Ichigo even though he really wants to see how Ginjou reacts and shit like that simply because Ichigo is busy with his training in a fish tank.

So next chapter we are going to see Chad facing Tsukishima.

Too bad the transformation of Ichigo's power needs to wait another week to happen. Damn these slow chapters. I want my Rukia, NIAO!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


YAWN. Wake me up when its over.

i want rukia too ):

Starting to forget what the Shinigami peoples look like...>_< Hurry it up Kubo!
Also, dirty boots = Lenalee's Innocence. Complete. Plagiarism.

Eh? Fuck... ignorance is bliss. If only I didn't know (forgot) that, then i wouldn' be so pissed >=(

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