09 March 2011

Getting older

The day is about to end. It has been 30 years and 18 hours since I was born in 1981. My life has been filled with ups and down and after considering everything, I think I got it good.

I wasn't born on a silver platter, instead I was born with a cleft-pallet. What the fuck is that? Google it you dumbass. I got my first surgery to correct the defect when I was 8 months old. I got another surgery when I was 7 years old. This time for my left knee. For some reason the joints weren't hooked right. At the end of last year, I was diagnosed with tumor on both of my breast. I got rid of the one on my left and since the right is benign, I just let it be. It was nothing serious but at one point, it crossed my mind that I could probably ended up as flat-chested for real *facepalm*

I hope my health would be better from now on. I need to gain a few more kilos as well though I doubt that it will reach 40kg. I'll be happy with 38kg. As for getting any taller, I have given up on that one. 5 feet 2 inch is quite a nice height, don't you think? Also, I am still keeping my chastity belt on.

I have wrote quite a lot regarding my jobs and my dreams so I won't bore you with the same shit anymore. This time I want to write something that has to do with my horoscope because the subject fascinates me. If you can't do the fucking math, Neptune and I are best of friends, which mean I am a Pisces.

(c) steel eyes

According to the line-up of the planet and shit like that, personality wise I am supposed to be understanding and affectionate, which I am. I like to believe that I am easygoing as well. I'm sure my friends could attest to that because I can adapt to any type of situation and personalities. Even though I might not look like it, I do have an aura of quiet empathy otherwise my friends won't be coming at me with their problems. So overall, I think I am quite a nice person after all.

But don't be fooled. Most Pisces have two different personalities. The person you met is not necessarily the real me. I might be your neighborhood's serial killer. It's not like I'm faking it but I only open up to certain people. We are also very creative people and often have big dreams and even wilder fantasies. Sometimes, the line between fantasy and reality became blurry and I feel like fish out of water. It happened more often when I was younger. Nowadays, I try to be a realist although that doesn't stop me from fantasizing. It helps get the creative juice flowing because I need it in my line of work.

Just like any other Pisces, I am a sucker for romance (but not shoujo, the irony). I still believe in the conventional ways of falling in love and shit like that, an expect an extra-ordinary kind of love (anime influence, no doubt). I know I treated my boyfriends like crap but that because I don't really feel any real connection with them otherwise BAM! I would have been swept of my feet and I'll be doting and loyal as fuck. Who is the lucky Cancer is the million dollar question at the moment.

2011 is supposed to be a good year for Pisces and so far it has been quite true. I can't fucking wait for Spring to come because according to the horoscope, money is going to fall from the sky. Hopefully it would be the sign I need to start with my patisserie project.

and with that, I'm signing off because I'm too sleepy to continue.

Happy 30th Bornday, klux


Happy birthday! I'm a Pisces as well - my b-day is on the 19th.

It's my brother's birthday in 3 days. I just ordered him a tensa zangetsu sword. If I knew your birthday was coming up too, I would've tried to get a 2-for-1 deal. Oh well, be sure to remind me next year.

Happy birthday. You've beaten me by a few months - I turn 30 this year as well.

I'm glad your surgery went well for the tumor. You're so young - I'm always taken aback when I heard of young women with breast cancer or other similar ailments.

I mean to say "young people" :P

when you are late at wishing someone, you said 'happy belated birthday'. What if you wish to wish in advance. what do you say then?

happy incoming birthday, Yumeka XD

Tensa zangetsu? Argh fuck. But in case you are getting any other present for anyone else, just bear in mind that you missed my present today :P

You're turning 30 too, beneaththeangles? Hah, we should create an ally. we can be considered ass pioneer no? and as for the surgeries, it was meh. I just did it for survival.

By the way, thanks everyone for the wishes.

Ya Old bitch!


I already wished you a happy day on your facebook. I'll take this time to tell you that I think horoscopes are bullshit and I don't get why girls all believe in them. Take me for example:

I'm born on November 25th, which means I'm a fucking Sagittarius, the dumbest looking of all the little animal dudes.

I read the summary of him here:


And NONE of that shit makes any God damn sense.

But then....the signs all changed or something, and now I'm a Scorpio, which is the best and most bad ass of all the little animal dudes. I mean it's a fucking SCORPION.

Deep in my heart, I always knew that I was bad-ass like a scorpion, and it seems as though my constant adoration of Scorpio has finally paid off. I'm where I belong now.

I mean, the symbol for Scorpio looks like the M from the DBZ episodes with Majin Buu. Powerful and bad-ass.

NOTE: Apparently Sagittarius is a Male sign of power and Scorpio is a feminine sign of pussiness? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT SCORPIO IS A FUCKING SCORPION!!!!!

At least I'm not Aries, that symbol looks like a vagina.


I am most displeased with the changing of the Zodiac symbols now. You can't just CHANGE them all. That's bullshit. It's like suddenly changing your birthday. Or your biological parents. You can't do that. Proof that they mean nothing.

Anyway the point I actually wanted to make was don't judge someone based on their zodiac sign.

1. Happy birthday!
2. Benign is the ok sort, malignant is bad...
3. My mother also has a birthday today.
4. You ARE old! Ok, who am I kidding? My girlfriend's older than you are.
5. You do need to get some weight.

Be good Kluxy-poo! :)

(I replied after Baka-Raptor, but somehow it didn't go through)

happpppyyyy birthday!!!!!

I would send you naughty pictures of my boyfriend and I for your birthday...... but i dont have a boyfriend. My sincerest apologies.

You are cool. So can I say Happy belate cool birthday? check your inbox.

Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one :)

Strength little "feather weight" lady ;)
As for getting older, without a boyfriend and a being a virgin ? It is now or never you should deal with this situation and put an end to this chapter of your life and start another page ;)

Deal with it ;)

Want a present ? What ? An Anime Figure ? Tell me/Send me your address and i ship it to you with 25% OFF... i know , i know, i am THAT generous. ;)

I don't believe in horoscope. do you know maddox ? baka-raptor teached me the ancient ways of wisdom... take a look:


";)" Filler Comment Ratio: 4/15


Happy belated birthday!
Breat lumbs are very common. Just make sure they are not cancer. In fact, even if it's breast cancer, it can be cured especially when discovered early :)

@glo - that zodiacpro website sucks. I didn't understand a word of it. And surprise, I am also a Scorpio!

i said horoscope, astrology and all those shits are amusing. i don't believe them per say but it is more often than not turned out to be an interesting reading.

You motherfucka!

I wouldn't want to change my zodiac sign for any reason at all because I totally dig being a pisces. Who ever told you that Scorpio is scorpion, Glo, needs to be clobbered.

@Guy, I'm getting wiser with age. NOT. and I am trying to gain weight ever since I hit puberty. No such luck.

I still want that picture, Oballer. I don't care about the method or with who but I FUCKING WANT IT!

@LEon, I have checked my inbox. That was heartwarming and you shouldn't take the trouble. You could have posted it here. But anyway, when it comes to love, I have stop expecting and just let it go with the flow. I'm not pressured or anything (lies) but yeah it would be nice to think of settling down now.

I don't celebrate my birthday, Arianna, so most of my birthdays were the same: average at best. I don't treat it as an occasion but getting unexpected presents were nice :)

The doc told me not to worry either but I have to be vigilant. For the slightest pain, I need to do checks up just in case. Hopefully it will never comes to that. I love my breasts despite the modest size ^_^"

Also, thanks everyone for the kind wishes

Happy birthday Klux! Sorry I kind of missed it, but I think I gave you an early one too. ^ ^

Anyway, good luck with your health and with life. And I hope the horoscope holds some truth about your 2011, even if by mere coincidence.

Yes Yi, you are among the first person to wish me. Thanks again.

@Thi, your comment somehow made it to the SPAM section. So here I am replying to your comment several days after.

You make it sounds like being a virgin is not a good thing. LOL maybe it isn't but meh, it is the farthest in my mind right now. I have other things that I need to concentrate on. Love and shit like that can wait. I've wait 30 years, a couple of more years won't hurt much. Or would it? LOL fuck, I need to take this conversation seriously, no? :P

Actually I did receive an anime figure a day after my birthday from one of the bloggers. You can keep your 25% discount. Heh.

As for believing the astrology and shit, I don't take horoscope seriously. Otherwise I would have been married and live a "normal ordinary" life right now. I challenge them is what I do ;)

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