03 January 2011

Anime: Spring 2011

What is this shi-

Someone (Scamp) has been working over time. The Winter season hasn't even started yet but here he is, releasing the anime chart for Spring 2011. I have much love for this guy now :3

So without wasting anymore time, let's dig in now. Itadakimasu!

  • I'm not really an avid fan of Appleseed but I have watched them movies and what not so I kinda look forward to check out Appleseed XIII I guess. Production IG is good with this kinda stuff, after all. Not sure if I'll watch it week to week though.
  • I wasn't too sure about Sket Dance until I saw Keiichiro Kawaguchi's name. I enjoyed Zettai Karen children and it has similar kinda story, I think that this is worth my time checking it out although I have a pre-notion that it might actually ends up too similar to ZKC.
  • No real details with C but just look at the time slot. I'm sold.
  • Gintama is fucking back! I just wet my pantsu :3
  • I didn't read the manga so I do not know what to expect with Deadman Wonderland. From what I've seen the art is pretty cool and the story line kinda dark and bloody. I love blood so I'm probably going to like this one.
  • Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko is from Shaft and the synopsis has got me intrigued. A girl walking around by tying a mattress to her waste? She sounds unique. Just my kind of girl. Let just hope she does not turn out to be just another moe-blob but I doubt it. With Akiyuki Shinbo as the director, this could be the one of the most entertaining and talked-about show of the season.
  • Looks like Steins;Gate will be one of the average shows of the season but I can't say that I'm not interested. It looks to star women with some really strong characters but at the same time I feel like I can't take this show seriously when I saw the maid at the back >>
  • Hyouge Mono is about tea. Even though I'm a tea lover I think I'm gonna pass this one after I took a sip.
  • A moe show Nichijou from KyoAni. Reading the synopsis, I really want to see the principal wrestles a deer so I might watch this. This could be my guilty pleasure of the season.
  • Moshidora is another show by Production IG. I'm not sure what to think of it until I've seen at least the first episode of it.
  • The arts and character designs are pretty enough to get me interested with Hanasaku Iroha but if she turns out to be stupid and moe, then I'm gonna drop this shit. At least make her feisty, is all I'm asking. Could this one turns out to be a shoujo?
  • I sense Shakugan no Shana when I look at Hidan no Aria. The protagonist certainly fits in with most of Rie Kugumiya's character. I don't think I'm that interested to find out. We'll see. If I do watch this, maybe it's because J.C Staff produces it.
  • Showa Monogatari claimed to be the world's first anime aimed at seniors and since I'll be a senior this year, I feel like I'm obligated to watch this.
  • I'm definitely going to watch 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku just because I feel like I can relate to the story already. LOL this is going to be fun!
  • Ao no Exorcist is the one and only show that is produced by A1-Pictures for this season and there is no way I'm going to skip this. The protagonist is the son of Satan by the way. If I need any more reason than that, I deserved a kick in the ass.
  • I have seen the special episode of Toriko. I might watch this for the stupidly GAR shit.
  • Sunrise said that Tiger & Bunny is an original superhero anime show and looking at the characters, I think this could turns out like Hero-man shit or Panty and Stocking shit. Either way, it won't be good. I am willing to be corrected though.
  • I enjoyed the first season of The World God Only Knows 2 so I guess it won't hurt to watch the second season of the same shit :)
  • I sense Yosuga no Sora when I saw Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai. Where did that come from =|
  • Oh shit Maria is back in Maria+Holic 2. Hopefully Kanoko will finally get to lick his dick :D
  • First it was the disastrous Iron Man. Then they adapted Wolverine and Supernatural. For Spring, Madhouse is going to adapt X-Men next *facepalm* why the obsession?
  • GOD FUCK YES A FUCKING YAOI! Needless to say, I'm so gonna watch Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. Surprisingly this one is from Studio Deen. They are going in the right direction XD
  • Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi sound so generic and stupid and repetitive of the same old shit. Skip!
  • An attempt to emulate K-ON. That's what A Channel is but I just might like this one if they learn anything from K-ON.
  • Okay, just WTF really. This is either going to be a hentai or lolicon. Both is not good in my book. No wonder Lotte's Toy sounds like a sex toy name. If semen is the focus of this show than God have mercy on the soul of those who enjoy this crap.
  • I didn't watch the first season of Kampfer so there is really no reason for me to watch Kampfer fur die Liebe now. I'm glad.

I don't give a damn about the last three. I never follow the franchise and I'm not going to start now. I'm too old for that. So that is my thought for this first version of Scamp's Spring Chart 2011. Let's just hope I won't be too busy with class to watch the anime that I have set my eyes on.

Jeebus, that's a long list of anime...

Here's version 2 of the preview: click here.


Wow... really early.

I love your reason for Ao no exorcist~

Toriko is GAR shit? I finally got interested in checking out the manga, haha!


Read my review on that special episode of Toriko. It doesn't necessarily mean shit shit. I had a good laughed watching that one so maybe it could be your thing. Who knows.

X-men?! Seriously? Wtf is with all these adaptations... I have to say I'd love that much more than Wolverine or Iron Man but it doesn't seem like they turned out that great, so my expectations are very low. -_-

Lots of sequels... too bad I never watched the first seasons. And I've heard tons about Deadman Wonderland, but all in all Winter and Spring are pretty lackluster for me. But perhaps something will pull a Kuragehime and turn out surprisingly good!

Disabled Picard or Gandalf in a helmet...I still don't have any hope for it, but that description is hilarious.
How is Yugioh still alive?! >_<

I hope they bring in Gambit. If they do then I would probably gonna watch it regardless if it sucks or not.

There are only 6 sequels out of everything. Don't have to feel so bad about it. The sequels are nothing special anyway.

Lotte's Toy is like Seikon no Qwaser, but one level worse. It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between hentai and non-hentai...

>> I just wet my pantsu :3

If they want the shit fresh, I know what to expect so I'm just gonna drop the shit before I rage. But if it's done hilariously...

Son of Satan? Blue Exorcist suddenly got bumped to my watch list.

The zombie show I will watch because I love zombies.

Anything with Rie Kugimiya I will watch (obviously). If Ammo has her as the main character I will shit all over the place due to over-excitement.

TWGOK, Maria Holic, Kampfer (that's right) I will watch.

And that one Deadman show. That's what I'm planning on watching. That's a LOT more than I had originally planned on too.

I might check out that baseball show too idk.

Why isn't anybody else got excited about the yaoi?!

How come Kimi ni Todoke II isn't even listed ?


hope you have seen the first season and loved it. (like myself)

You were mistaking this for Winter anime and I haven't seen Kimi no Todoke ^_^"

wut ? we're in the middle of summer and...

ops, forgot i'm in south hemisphere...

anyway, the first episode was aired one or two days ago, and i watched it yesterday night... but how come the tards of myanimelist.net have said it was not even aired yet if i have the first episode downloaded in my computer as a proff ?

I'm surprised "Ao no Exorcist" is getting an anime so soon. It only started about a year ago and its a monthly manga. Its good, though. I would recommend reading it. Good art, interesting characters. Plus there is the dynamic between Rin and his non-devilish twin, Yukio.

I thought "Hyouge Mono" looked familiar. Its based on a manga. I only have vague memories of liking it and wishing the scanlator hadn't dropped it, but I can't remember much of what its about. I might watch this one.

I'll probably also try to watch "C" simply based on its timeslot and the fact that its directed by Nakamura Kenji.

I've read "Deadman Wonderland", but I'm having reservations about watching the anime since the manga eventually pissed me off enough that I stopped reading it. It is dark and gory, though. I imagine you will like it for that. :P

Where I come from, it's either sunny or rainy. One or the other. No winter spring summer or fall. South hemisphere rulez.

As for MAL, obviously they were on mushrooms. Maybe it's the episode 00 thingy that got them confused.

morri, reading your comment made me realized that I do missed my time as a manga whore. Ao no Exorcist kinda rings a bell but it's probably one of the manga that I plan on reading but never really got the chance to.

Everyone is excited for NoitaminA anime so I guess everyone is looking forward to C without having a clue of what it is about. That's the power of quality anime, I guess.

Deadman Wonderland pissed you off at some point? Uh oh, what's wrong. Wait don't tell me. I'm just gonna have my trust and the dark and gory stuff. Fuck I'm excited. Spring can't come any sooner!

NoitaminA has never let me down. That seems to be the programming block when all the really good, interesting anime airs. Just that fact that something airs in noitaminA is enough to get me interested. (Kuragehime was aired then, if that helps.) The official site for "C" has a promo up, not that it really reveals anything more than character designs. noitamina-control.jp

The main character pissed me off from the get-go, but all the supporting characters were awesome, so I couldn't complain... Until recent chapters when he got to be just too much. You probably won't have to worry about that with the anime unless they decide to do a second season. Either way, I think you will greatly enjoy the anime, if only for the gore. :P

thank goodness for noitaminA. At least we'll get one quality anime every season. as for the gore, let's just hope they won't screw up the gore part with crazy coloring like Togainu no Chi did >>

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts - I think we share some pretty similar tastes in anime. 8D;;

"Gintama is fucking back! I just wet my pantsu :3"

I just saw your poopages. Damn, I wish we share more than just similar taste in anime. I can't even draw a stick man

Update pl0x this isn't even half of the anime that are comming out in spring jesus fucking noob

jeebus calm down. I have v2 preview *rolleyes*

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