25 March 2011


If you read my blog often, you might have came across this post. I wasn't planning on blogging about it but people have been asking me why not since it could mean potential customers. So I thought might as well do it and since I don't want to blog about it, I used tumblr instead where blogging made easy.

After some serious thinking, I came up with the name scrumbtious for my blog. I'm gonna trademark it soon because I'm planning to name my cake shop scrumbtious as well. Why? Because it's fucking smart. If you can't figure it out, you are dumb.

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The blog has been up for more than a week now and I suddenly realized that it doesn't serve it purpose of promoting myself business wise. If you browse the cake/cupcake blog in Malaysia, you will get exactly what I mean. People will automatically assumed that I'm not from Malaysia because of the type of cakes I made. Obviously no one would be interested to place an international order for cakes, right?

But I am definitely not one who do the norm so I want to fuck them however that will defy the purpose of me blogging the cakes. So here I am, asking for your opinion whether or not I should blogging properly which mean I should seriously consider an online business.

p/s: I'm so fucking stress out with work at the moment so I look forward to quit my job, get my cert and concentrate on cakes. Consider this post as me releasing my stress.


I just found your site and I absolutely loovee it...!

let's get married, then!

Saw this earlier via Twitter. Those look delicious!! I'm craving for some sweets now.

They are delicious and people around me have finally managed to convince me to start selling it seriously. I'm gonna introduce scrumbtious to the public this coming Sunday ^__^

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