21 March 2011

Bleach: Chapter 441

Ichigo quit his job. Or tried to. Obviously the land lady won't hear shit about it. She even acted all concern about him. Figures. Everyone wants to get into Ichigo's pantu one way or the other. Thankfully he's wearing a chastity belt and only Rukia has the key. Heh, I'm deviating.

Anyway, continuing from last chapter, Ginjou told Ichigo that Tsukishima was once their leader. He's the one who device the plan of handing over the Xcutioners full-bring to shinigami representative (apparently Ichigo wasn't the first case. There are other shinigami representative around?).

However once the members did that, Tsukishima killed everyone. So that was his intention since the beginning. He attacked Ishida and Inoue because he doesn't want the Xcutioners to get close to Ichigo, and at the same time grab Ichigo's attention.

Somehow I think that this whole thing is very fishy. I can't find myself trusting any of these newcomers, no matter how good looking they are. I believe they know more about Tsukishima's plan than what they wanted Ichigo to believe. So they send Ichigo home while they prepare for the more crucial training.

As Ichigo walking home, he saw his dad. Remember him? The irresponsible adult who left his kids behind without a word? Yeah him. He was meeting with Urahara and acted very fishy too. Don't tell me these two had an affair. That would be so wrong but so right at the same time.

Fuck, I'm deviating again.

Anyway Ichigo's suspicion multiplied by a thousand.

WTF is this shit? *biggest facepalm reaction ever!*

So he get on with his training without much fuss. His next training partner is Jackie Tristan. This time around Riruka transferred them into a fish tank.

Expect another transformation for Ichigo's full-bring next week. Great >>

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It was suggested way earlier in the series that there have been previous Shinigami representatives, but from what I remember, the implication was that it was rare, and this was likely from much earlier in history.

I kind of wonder what the original Japanese for that thought bubble was, and if "enemy" is an accurate translation. That thought comes out of left field, even if Ginjou has been trying to suggest Urahara is shady.

I will not be happy until i see zangetsu and vizard ichigo. This sucks.

Although I am happy to see his dad and Urahara

i must have forgotten about that. i blame Kubo for left too many doors open yet never been entered.

True about the enemy. That was just too point-blank. But I love the idea of urahara turning out to be the bad guy all along. muahahaha

And Oballer, I want to see the young zangetsu too but at the same time wants him to develop new shit. as for his dad and Urahara, i wonder if they know what Ichigo had been doing, and who he is meeting nowadays. I will rage if they didn't because shit like that is not logical. Not when you are dealing with Urahara.

This arc still needs something to make it seem important. There just isn't that sense of urgency as with earlier arcs...

true that. It's too slow for my liking. Shit, when are the shinigami going to return?

Kubo is deliberately keeping things slow... must have run out of ideas for new transformations for Ichigo.

meh he'll revert back to the old zangetsu, eventually.

Why does Ichigo have a Nazi sign? xD Tite is a Nazi?

I have no complains though. I love it (if you can't already tell by my name ;))

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