30 July 2010

Bleach: Chapter 414

Holy fuck. I know Salvatore said that I'm gonna like this week's chapter (cursed him for reading the spoilers) but I didn't expect a color spread of Gin! *squirts all over the place*

This is going to be one full fangasm ride!

Aizen stopped chasing the Karakura kids when Gin returned. He was more concern with his rebellious subordinate.

*chuckles* It was obvious that Gin was lying

I have no doubt that Aizen do not believe that lie at all but he played along nonetheless. He even indicated that Gin harbors some sort of feelings towards Matsumoto which Gin replied with this:

What come after this was... HOLYMOTHERFUCKINGOFGOD!! Pictures worth a thousand words right? So here it is...

Despite of what you think, I am not happy at all. This could only mean one thing: Aizen is going to be the one who kills Gin. The realization of that fact makes me shed tears.

It was not like Aizen did not expect this betrayal. He is well aware of Gin's attention. Maybe he lets Gin stick around because he has strong attachment to the kid that he took under his wings hundred of years ago. Even after all that, Aizen is not dumb. I'm sure he has think of a counter measure for this expected betrayal.

Fuck, I'm so damn afraid for Gin at the moment. All these years, he has been obsessing with a single intent which is to kill Aizen because he believes he is the only one who is capable of that, knowing the weakness of Kyouka Suigetsu.

And a secret weapon he hold all these years...

Holy fuck! I knew it! I knew that that is not all his bankai is capable of because it was so fucking lame. This new revelation matched his character even more. Snake-like indeed.

Tsk Gin... You are making me all nervous and jittery. Maybe because I know the fate that awaits you. *wails*

Aizen will not go down that easily. He still needs to fight Ichigo. If Ichigo is not training in that time-warp space, I would probably joy at this occasion but the fact that Ichigo just have to DEFEAT ALL THE MAIN ENEMIES canceled out anything that is going on in between.

Besides, Aizen has not used his new power yet.

Fuck, I need to have more faith! but Kubo won't let me! Fuck you Kubo!!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Aizen won't kill Gin. He'll praise Gin for not being a wuss and keep him around.

This chapter was just too hilarious.

Finaly it happened :-) I was expecting something like this right after Matsumoto arrival on the scene. But Kubo had to make an obstruction.

There is no doubt, that Aisen will not die. But still is the question, if he will kill Gin or only seriously injure him and Ichigo will save him. The second option is more likely. Someone has to tell to Ichigo, how defeat Aisen´s hypnotic ability.

That would be awesome, Baka-Raptor. If only...

*looks at TJ* well, I won't say "hilarious" but it does feel like it was rushed. Kubo could further plays with Gin cunning skill. That's why we (read I) love him in the first place. This chapter turned out to be too sudden even though we kinda expected it.

But like everyone is saying, I'm glad that Gin proves himself worthy and take his chances. I wonder what makes him wants to betray Aizen though...

I'm pretty sure that he will get killed by Aizen, McD. That's why I cannot really enjoy this chapter *wails*

Hmm. His bankai reminds me of my shikai from the gotei, Serukatto Yaiba!

This was my favorite chapter in probably the whole year!!
Gin is sooooooo sexy. I want to have his children right now right here. And I'm sure he is hung like his sexy bankai too!

Josh, I miss having you around :(

lol Yi, I never thought you have it in you! *highfive!* Gosh I have such a huge b0nar right now XD

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