25 February 2010

I wish for Hiyori Sarugaki

Sarugaki Hiyori is my second favorite Vaizard. The first is obviously none other than Hirako Shinji. She is also the other female character in Bleach that I am fond of, besides Kuchiki Rukia. Maybe it is because of her bitchy attitude. I am known to like characters with such personalities possibly because I can relate to them.

I learned about this 1/8 scale PVC figure from Alpha Omega in November last year but for whatever reason this one does not registered in my mind thus I did not bother to look it up to buy it.

It is only when I saw the update on JList's twitter that I remember that I want her especially after what had happened to her in the manga.

Personally I think Alpha Omega did a great job with this figure. The details on her face, Vaizard mask, clothes down to her pose are spot on. Basically they get the essence of Hiyori right. *thumbs up*

or *thumbs down*

Unfortunately however, she is fucking expensive. She cost USD92. That's like MYR400. Also, since I refused to use credit card, there is no way I could get her online. I tried the local online stores where I usually get my figures from but they don't have her.


Looks like she will always be in my wish list.

Besides her, Alpha Omega also produced Nel but since I don't like her (either the child or adult version of her) and thinks she's one of the most annoying character in Bleach, I am not going to buy her. But I would still be appreciative if someone would get her for me ;)


i wanted to get these when they were announced, but the price stopped me XD Hiyori looks perfect! initially i was bothered by her mouth but right now it looks kinda okay. I like the sculpt on Nel's face and hair but the body not so much.

yeah no wonder that it cost that much. I will still buy it if I could get it locally though.

I love her mask!
And everything about her seems to be very in character.

She is one of the Vaizards that has the memorable mask. If only we got to see her zp power =(

Guess what people... I bought her!! *dances*

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