16 July 2010

Bleach: Chapter 412

I thought there is no Bleach this week. I have been waiting all day for the chapter yesterday. Luckily I checked again today or I would have missed it.

Needless to say, I started fapping and squirting all over the place. Gin has that effect on me, just like Shinji and Ulquiorra do. However the moment was ruined when Don Kanonji started sprouting bullshit. Did he not realized the situation he's in yet? What a fucker.

The supposedly funny moments when Matsumoto threaten to pulverize him just made me rolled my eyes in annoyance. If I was Aizen, I would have killed these bastards there and then.

So Matsumoto was there to stop Aizen and Gin. This eliminate the theory that she might joined the bad guy. I was hoping the later. At least it would be something totally unexpected. But yeah, what does she think she can do? I'm surprised she can even stand up against them with that kind of injury on her. Fuck Kubo, you need to be consistent with this kind of shit. We knows the details. We have been following Bleach since the first chapter, goddammit. If Grimmjow can stand before shinigami!Aizen (when he lost his arm), how the hell can Matsumoto stand so casually in front of Loreal!Aizen now? Are you suggesting Matsumoto is stronger than Grimmjow? That's bull.

I was doing 'awwwwww when Gin started to pull Matsumoto away from Aizen.

Fuck, I'm getting all mushy about this

It make sense now why Matsumoto decided to follow them. I would have done the same thing if my best friend did the same thing. Knowing the truth is important after all even if it can't bring your best friend back. But of course, Gin wouldn't be bothered to answer all that question.


He fucking stabbed her! Hahahahaha awesome @_@

Back to Tatsuki and Don Kanonji... now that they are out of the harms way (or so they thought), they can relax a little and reunite with Keigo who met with an afro guy who gave him a zanpaktou. Who the fuck is this afro guy? The only one that came to my mind was the guy that Chad defeated in Hueco Mundo. Also, Keigo has a very good sense of reiatsu now? Heh, gaining some power, are you, Keigo?

As for Ichigo and Isshin, they are still stuck in that dimension tube. Isshin has his hands tied up. When the fuck did that happened? And Ichigo still fighting his innerself.

Besides the appearance of Don, I really like this chapter. It was all done quickly and precisely. Or maybe I couldn't help but like it because Gin is just too awesome =3

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Honestly I was disapointed when Gin stabbed Rangiku. She should play bigger role in this. I mean for example persuade to Gin to betray Aizen or something more surprising.

Oh I don't think we've seen the end of Matsumoto yet. I'm sure Gin did what he did so that Matsumoto will survive and not be killed by Aizen.

The Afro guy (I forget his name...but then again who really wants to remember it all?) was the "official" shinigami replacement for Rukia after she left. Needless to say he's crap at his job, always getting interrupted by Keigo.
You forgot to mention Tatsuki's strange resentment that Ichigo never told her about Matsumoto and her melons...definitely lesbo. ^^''

Everyone keeps mentioning the Afro guy but I just can't seem to remember who he is.

Rangiku is not dead. For someone to die in Bleach they have to be absolutely positively dead after giving some sort of death speech.

Don't particularly feel anything for this chapter.

I didn't forgot, Chester although it was quite an significant moment in Bleach. Now we all know Tatsuki prefers females.

I remember the Afro guy now. It's okay if you don't TJ. I'm sure Kubo will bring him up soon. I was surprised that he's still around. So I guess he got that job permanently, eh?

Anyone who thinks Matsumoto is dead is not a Bleachtard.

and Yi, that because you are not a Gin's fan =D

what if Keigo lied about how he got the sword DUN DUN DUN! he probably isn't but still just thought i would throw it out there. i thought Matsumoto was going to tear is statch off and the hat and be like omg you're blah blah from tha past thus proving my theory but -anti smily face- it didn't happen. next chapter from the last page is going to shoiw what ichigo has been doing the last 3 months.... hopefuly

Did Keigo ever met the afro guy before? I don't think so, so the probability of him lying is zero. I don't care what comes next as long as there will be more Gin =3

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