21 August 2009

Bleach: Chapter 370

I need to see the anime to really understand the amount of power that is Soi Fon's bankai. I just couldn't feel it just by reading it. But that was probably because I am biased as fuck since I don't really give a damn about her. Her bankai, imo, is made of phailed. Also I'm still pissed that she wants Kisuke to be locked up. What an effing slut.

At this point, I am very disappointed with some of the shinigami captains. Thankfully my favs have either turned traitor or stuck in Hueco Mundo.

They should really be thankful that the Vaizards have come to help them. I want to see the look on the old fuck Yamaji's face.

I was very impressed with Hachigen's resourcefulness. I'd never give a fuck about him before except for the kidou he called out. Those kidous are awesome! Very useful when you are RPing a bleach captain XD

So the 2nd espada is now gone and dusted. I'm pretty sure we are going to see Hiyori/Toshiro (FTW!) and Lisa taking care of Hallibel next.

I am excited once again. No thanks to Soi Fon -__-


Whoop! SPoiler alert! Lol!
Just Joking..

Awww.. Don't hate Soifon just because she's Tsundere.

Yamaji... now that guy needs more hate! Seems to me like being the head honcho for so long has made him slow.

But my comments are based on the anime. So maybe their characteristics differs a little in the manga.

Love your new blog style. Sexay... :p Feels like Yoko Litner meets Gundam. Lol!

oh crap, I should have put the spoiler alert. gomen!

I am indifference towards SoiFon or any other female characters in Bleach except for Rukia since I am gay for her and Inoue because I can't fucking stand her. But lately Soifon is getting on my nerve >_<

oh no worries, the characters are the same. Old fuck yamaji is still a fucktard.

And thank you. I hope the design is not too girlish. That is definitely NOT what I hope to achieve.

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