25 August 2009

Toynami White Hollow Ichigo SDCC Limited Edition figure

After three weeks from the date of purchase, my SDCC Limited Edition White Hollow Ichigo has arrived! Now I am one of the thousand lucky mothafuckas, I mean people, to have zis as part of their collection. Muahahahahahaha!!! *does a fucking jig*

Feast your eyes on the awesomeness of Ichigo's White Hollow (ain't he an effing sexy beast? *flaps*). He officially pisses on the other figures, including Grimmjow ^_____^

This is going to fucking kill your bandwidth! bhuahahahahaha!! XD

fucking w00t!!!

I would have foam in me mouth if he has his usual smirks on

size comparison

I realized my D40 isn't good enough. Gonna get 50D by the end of the week. Then again, my photo-taking skillz suxxor! LOL and I have got to find a better place for the next shoot T__T

group pixxor!

edit: some new pictures, taken with my 50D


Well since you won't give me those figurine, I'll just admire them when I visit your site. K? ^_^

deal XD

and thanks a lot for helping me out with the kinks ^__^

That one nice looking figure. Too bad they never give him that crazy smiley face. That would be cool!

Woot! Finally here I see! Congrats there. I'm surprise you didn't faint from all the excitement seeing how it's fasting month. :p

With posts like these, feel free to kill my bandwidth anytime!

Wow~~ u really like bleach ^^ nice collection ^^

@LEon, I know right?! That's like the effing trademark for Hollow Ichigo. Can't believe they screwed up that part >_<

@blur, I flip and I flap ;) LOL

@razrig, I effing LOVE bleach! They are the reason I've turned to what/who I am today XD

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