24 December 2009

Are You Alice?

Another josei that I picked up recently. This manga pretty much is the alternate version of Alice in Wonderland with a little twist here and there. For example, this manga is full of bishie (one of the reason I picked it up in the first place).

I saw Are You Alice in mangafox a couple of months back but for some reason was not interested in it at that time. When onemanga released it, for whatever reason I feel intrigued to see what it is all about. Although the story might be similar to Alice in Wonderland, I am sure the mangaka (collaboration between Ninomiya Ai (author) and Katagiri Ikumi (artist)) might just promised something twisted that will entertain me. Probably.

Pfft who am I kidding. Of course it will. This manga falls under the josei category for a reason.

The reason is, they made it a all male-characters. Bishounens at that. So yeah, I'm pretty much where I want to be right now, blissfully ignorant of the real world ^o^

At first the story kinda confuses me. The protagonist is obviously a male but everyone keep referring him as Alice. Alice, obviously, is not a male's name, unless he's gay and Alice is not gay (sadly). The same goes for QUEEN of Heart when obviously he has an analog stick attached to his pair of balls but people keep referring him as a she. So what the heck? And if that ain't confusing enough, they put Alice (yes, THE Alice from Alice in Wonderland) besides the protagonist and she is evil! Yep, that is pretty much how fucked up and twisted this manga version of Alice in Wonderland is. People might hate it but I happened to like it. Definitely something different and in my book different is always good.

I can't remember the story of Alice in Wonderland to be honest but in this one, the Queen (shouldn't he be called KING instead?) of Hearts wants Alice to play the "kill-the-white-wabbit game" in order for him to keep the name Alice.

Alice may or may not turn out to be the real Alice. I guess I just have to continue reading to find out what happened next. After all, it is only three chapters so far.

Art 9/10
Story 7/10
Character 8/10
Enjoyment 7/10
Overall 8/10


This looks really interesting. I've always had a fascination with Alice in Wonderland, and I love any story/ manga that does a homage to it. I'll definitely try to find some time to read this.

Btw. happy holidays. ^ ^

happy holidays Yi ^^

Well to be truly honest if this isn't a josei I wouldn't have take a look at all ^^"

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