22 July 2010

Bleach: Chapter 413

I really don't understand why Aizen is even bother with the likes of Keigo and Tatsuki. I know he mentioned his reason before but this is just retarded. Shouldn't he just focus on the key?

Anyway, Keigo managed to meet Chizuru and Mizurou by pure luck (yeah, right). So now the four of them (including Tatsuki) gathered up with Mizurou already preparing for the worst: emergency food and cellphone. I appreciate the comedy though. It is something that I expected from these guys.

It's good that these guys know that they are no good against Aizen and make a run for it every time they sense that he is near. Even though it is futile, it makes the situation real knowing that they are in grave danger.

However I was surprise at how calm and collected Mizurou is. He can think clearly despite the situation and act accordingly even if it is just a waste of energy. His effort is commendable. He is like the fuzzy bunnies in Cat Shit One. If you guys haven't watch that ONA yet, you absolutely should. I'm just saying that it's fucking awesome.

But back to Bleach. LOL I love it when he wanted to charge at Aizen alone. Too bad the afro guy interfered otherwise we could have seen the new power-up Keigo. Oh well... The afro guy is not to be messed with because he can used a shikai! Heh, not like it would makes any different against Aizen who simply lifted the boulders (just using his reiatsu, goddammit!) out of the way in order to pursue them.

As the kids run with tails between their legs, Gin has returned. Looks like we are right. There are certainly a sense of discomfort between Aizen and his subordinate. Aizen is definitely wary of Gin nowadays. I wonder what have changed?

I'm sure Aizen knows what Gin did to Matsumoto. But even before that, he already sensed something is off with Gin. This gives me hope that Gin might survive this war *crossfingers*

This chapter would have been a waste if not for the last page. Gin is making me interested and jittery all over. I can't wait for next week's chapter!

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Keigo woulda exploded like Tousen if he tried to fight Aizen.

And I hear that Gin took Rangiku's necklace.

Alas, Gin... he won't survive this thing long enough to confess his undying love for miss big tits. O wait, He might have the hots for Aizen instead.

Gin vs Aizen is imminent.

If anyone who would know Aizen's weakness, it would be Gin. I hope this is the key to defeat Aizen. That is if they fight after Ichigo has arrived. Otherwise... T__T

This Gin-Aizen stuff is all a tease.

I agree with Baka-Raptor. If Gin is going to turn face I don't think he is going to do it right now.

I don't mind the tease. Actually I want more. Just like I want my backstory on Ulquiorra. Where the fuck is it, Kubo?!

Well, Aizen's priorities are a bit skewed since he thinks he's all-powerful so he can take his sweet time to do anything because he believes no one can stop him anyway.

something to note if gin does turn sides, he almost never opens his eyes. you have to see Aizen's sword.

ah, chester, good point there. The son of a bitch thinks he's god. He's over-confident.

lol @ Mitch. Your reason, however absurd, is valid goddammit :P

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