14 July 2010

Bleach: Episode 279

Before I can stop myself, I was squirting all over the place. Shinji just kinda have that effect on me even though it was less severe compared to the fapping that I did when I read the manga. The animated Shinji has lost a little bit of charm in my opinion, just like adaptation characters always tend to.

I remember all the Bleachtard started fapping when we saw these images in the manga. It is definitely among one of the most talked about thing back then

The fucking flashback pissed me off though. It fucking killed off the mood. I mean we have already seen all of these shit in the Pendulum Arc, no? Not to mention that they did some of the same flashback in the last episode. Fucking retards.

Watching the episodes are the same as if I'm reminiscing shit. For example, I keep thinking about the rant that I did when the old fuck has the nerve to accept the Vaizard's help. He fucking banished them from Soul Society without even trying to protect them. And he dares called himself the Captain Commander? A good leader won't abandoned his subordinate like that, you old fuck! If I was Shinji, I would have stabbed the old fuck and get my revenge. Forget about Aizen.

Speaking of the Vizards, only Shinji and Lisa have something to say to their old comrades. While Shinji addressed the old fuck, Lisa went to greet Shunsui, with her foot planted on his head. Heh, awesome.

Remember the blob that Wonderweiss brought with him from last episode? Evidently it is a factory to produce Gillians. Thank goodness that the Vaizards are here otherwise the shinigamis are toasted! I was super excited when they started to fight the Vaizards and showed off their power. I hope this got the captains thinking. Why not acquired a hollow power if it means you can be stronger, right? I mean some of the Vaizards were fighting the Gillians with their bare hands!

Also, I found it incredibly adorable that Toushiro has no fucking idea who the Vaizards are. I guess they don't teach about them in history classes *chuckles*

Ah, there was so much hatred in Shinji's eyes when he attacked Aizen, only to be stopped by Tousen. Then Tousen was stopped by Komamura when he wanted to attack Shinji (who by the way was wounded and yay for blood!). Since I already knew what the outcome of this whole mess, I couldn't stop snickering.

With the Vaizards around, all the actions started again with everyone fighting. Suddenly the Vaizards and Shinigami have no problem joining forces to fight Aizen and the espada. But the one I'm looking forward to would be Hisagi against his former captain.

That's it for this week. We have a new ED too. I want to say the omake was funny but a bald Shinji? That's taking a joke too far.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


Me too, i was jerking off all over the place...wait, i think this is Glo's line ;)


In Conclusion: Claymore Kick Ass.

lol that is so Baka-Raptor of you.

the production team was obviously a bunch of lazy ass motherfucker >_>

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