31 May 2010


HACO is another one-shot manga that I couldn't resist because it has the shounen tag. Its about a girl named Kusakabe Honoka who has a disease that is yet to have a cure. His father is a scientist so he decided to put Honoka to a cold sleep and hope that in the future when she finally wakes up, there will be a cure for her disease.

Little that her dad knows that in the future there are no human left. The only other being around is Haco, the nanoroid who learned about speech and everything else from the war movies.

Of course there is the monster too. You gotta have monster or a very bad villain in shounen, right? Otherwise the protagonist served no purpose. And of course the protagonist must have superpowers or something that makes them special. In Haco's case, well he's made from nano machines/robots.

He can even becomes an ugly bike hybrid. All that he needs are keywords that was left by Honoka's dad. Honoka made full used of him. Together they went searching for other humans because she refused to believe that she's the only one left, and apparently her dad might be alive as well.

Let see what can I say about this one... The plot is stupid. It was not even interesting. The comedy was lame and it was a bore-fest. I won't be reading the series if it has one in the future.

art 4/10
character 4/10
story 4/10
enjoyment 4/10
overall 4/10


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