27 May 2010

Bleach: Episode 272

Well Ichigo has totally lost it and was about to cero Ulquiorra's head off. I know I should not wish for Ulquiorra's being injured (NEVER!) but yeah if by doing so will makes the bitch feels guilty her entire life for she was the reason that Ichigo became a hollow without a conscious, I can live with that.

But of course they wouldn't let me have what I want. Instead they got us back to Rukia's fight with Rudobone. Remember when she said she will finish Rudobone off? Well, she is still trying. At least she didn't cry and asked help from a dead guy, right? And I like the fact that they are struggling against their opponent. An easy kill is too fucking cliche, kinda like Ichigo and Ulquiorra's fight. The plotkai is ridiculous. A dead man fighting? Yeah, really crafty there Kubo.

See this face? This is a smirking face of someone who has successfully outsmarted her opponent XD

Fear meh!

Long story short Rukia managed to defeat Rudobone. Well, kinda. Before Rukia done with her winning speech, guess who came crushing down on Rudobone? Heh, none other than that big buffoon Yammy.

Also, since none of them were affected by Yammy's intense reaitsu, I guess none of them even notice the massive amount of reiatsu from Ulquiorra when he first release. That was a surprise, or just another details that Kubo missed? *shrugs*

Thankfully Kubo did not forget to make Rukia noticed Ichigo's reiatsu when he fired that cero. Heh, even after he had transformed into a hollow, Rukia has no problem recognizing his reiatsu.

And yeah, unfortunately (FUCK YOU KUBO!!) that blasted cero was meant for Ulquiorra. With his internal organs being blasted and his body literally cut in half, there is no way he can regenerate. This could only mean one thing... that he's dead. If that is not enough, Hollow Ichigo wanted to go as far as "finish" him off by stabbing his zanpaktou through his head/neck.

FUCK! I dreaded this moment the most. I remember when I read the manga and couldn't stop crying and pissed off for an entire month! I can't believe this fucking garbage was happening. Yet another one of my favorite character is gone.

This is the moment where I started to be overly critical with Kubo. He just does not justify a fucking shit. I mean, where the fuck is Ulquiorra's back story? All the espada got one so where the fuck is his back story?!

Hollow Ichigo who could no longer differentiate between friends and enemy stabbed Ishida instead when he tried to be the voice of reason for him. You know what? Since the whore couldn't wipe that worried look from her ugly face, she should be the one who tries to stop Ichigo and get fucking stabbed instead. THAT IS JUSTICE!!

You only realized this now, you fucking whore?!

What the fuck was she talking about anyway? Train? Protect?! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! She did nothing but brings trouble to her friends. If she didn't WILLINGLY go to Hueco Mundo, none of this will happened. Fucking whore in distress.

And what did she do when Hollow Ichigo wanted to end Ishida's life? She cried, not moving an inch from where she was, and howls "Kurosaki-kun" non-fucking-stop. If it wasn't for Ulquiorra who stopped Hollow Ichigo with his one last attack, Ishida would have been dead.

Oh my god, seriously, I can't understand how people can even like her. She's the most shittiest, whoriest (yes, I made up a new word), useless character I have ever encountered. She deserved nothing less but die from the most painful death possible.

A homage

Wants to know the weak spot of Hollow Ichigo? It's lies at one of his horns. Once Ulquiorra cut that off, his hollow masks resolved (after one dramatic cero explosion, of course).


And guess what? He's dead again. But that is not the surprising part. You know what the whore did? She ran to him while Ishida was fucking bleeding from a fatal injury. *shakes my head*

And they call her a friend? Pfft! *is disgusted beyond words*

Ichigo does not even need her fucking help. He got super powah! High speed regeneration which closed his hole within seconds! And yet she still couldn't stop chanting his name? Fuck, someone shut her up!

Ichigo wasn't all too happy when he found out what he has done to Ulquiorra and Ishida. He was feeling guilty as hell.

Read that and weep IchiHime fans. Unless you're a HollowHime fans, then rejoice!

So in the end, Ulquiorra turned into dust. I still believe that he is NOT DEAD! No, he's not. Ulquiora is not dead. He's not.

He is not ^__^

And while all these happened, no one gave a shit about Ishida. I pity him.

Hmm... You know what? I think Kubo did us a favor. He made all these chapters to help people to realize how fucking retarded the bitch is. He couldn't say it out loud but Kubo is someone who loves symbolism and riddles and this is how he is trying to get his message across to his fans.

Well, message has been received. Now lets fucking move on, Kubo!

Whore-hime's chant "kurosaki-kun" in this episode 9 + from previous episodes (21) = 30.

Heh, another fulfilling rant. Worth sacrificing my sleep for this XD

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.



You know, I thought someone stole Ichigo's brain and replaced it with Ash Ketchum's... what is this "honour" that he tries to undermine his own fights? You fight to win, that's what you said to Ulquiorra. You fight to win, even if you have no chance, you don't squander it for honour.

But at least the author didn't let him... but seriously, what is it with those juvenile ideas of honour?!

And about Ulquiorra, why can't you regenerate your internal organs? Why if they are gone you can no longer regenerate your legs? Talk about deus ex machinas..

And yeah, Rukia's fight wasn't too hard, kind of like her brother's fight with the eye-Espada... who was such a joke.

well i got what i wished for... another episode of Ulquiorra... however i am a little sad he got the really dead montage. maybe it was just a fake tho... maybe it was just the whore thinking about him and not an actual really dead montage. Hopefully Kubo brings him back and then explains his backstory (which is prolly awesome)

secondly, although i am sad this fight is over, I am happy for one thing... and thats since yammy showed up, it means its time for my character to appear: KENPACHI. BOOM. I'm pumped.

***my favorite character to appear

Ichigo has never killed his opponent before so I assumed the thought that he almost killed his friend kinda get to him. Besides, it is the way of telling that hollow is bad/evil. I think it was incredibly stupid of him but that's Ichigo and why I (used to) like him.

He can regenerate his eyes but he can't do shit for his organs? deus ex machinas indeed.

Zommari vs Byakuya was a joke alright and I appalled to think that only Byakuya can fight with Zommari equally. WTF? Byakuya is capable for much more! But I do agree with any other captains, Zommari would have the upper hand. Kinda.

and Ulquiorra is NOT DEAD, Oballer. And I do believe he is coming back. He and Grimmjow both and they will become the good guys. I don't care how Kubo does it but yeah, he doesn't have much of a choice. With all the plotkai/deus ex machinas shit he is pulling off, I am sure he can think of something.

Kenpachi is your favorite captain? Explain.

Ichigo killed a whole bunch of hollows, mostly non-named extras, but not just.

Yeah smart ass XD

I was referring to the more important opponent. The one that has name. I mean, he didn't even killed the Grand Fisher right? His dad finished the job for him.

Kenpachi is the MAN. He is the ultimate badass. He is my favorite character because he just loves fighting and loves killing ppl. I dont want to write too much here but i mean he loves getting cut, just loves fighting and kicks everyone's ass. He even uses that eye patch and the bells to try to make it a clear fight.

i just wish we saw more of him because he is soo badass.


****make it an EVEN fight.

OK, yeah. He's kind of a badass if you said it like that.

But brute force ain't everything.

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