22 May 2010

Angel Beats! episode 8

Whoa they just get on with the story, don't they? The other Tenshi, the one who attacked Yurippe in the last episode looks like she has a little bit more of a personality compared to the Tachibana that made promises with Otonashi.

Tachibana is the last person I thought that would even it out with the new Tenshi though, but yeah, she came forth to help them out and got injured doing so.

And I'm getting sick of Otonashi defending Tachibana. Yurippe might be right. Kanade used her harmonics power to create a clone, when she fought the big fish. She does not mean it to be harmful to anyone but since it has always been her responsibility to take care of the disciplinary issue at the school, I think her clone kinda took up the responsibility herself hence why she was more aggressive. That explains the personality as well.

Yurippe has a plan to erase the clone though. (Well, she always seems like she has a plan ready right?) However she needs everyone else to pretend to be a good student for a day as she hacked Tachibana's computer and made a delay absorb command.

Unfortunately Tachibana was kidnapped and was taken to the Guild. Yurippe decided that they don't need diversion. They are going to save the original Angel out in the open which mean they are going to face the clone's wrath.

all those training was a waste...

It appeared that Yurippe's plan has backfired. She miscalculated. The clone obviously has the power just like Tachibana so what stopping them from doing the harmonics? So the clone number multiplied and obviously the Battlefront Brigade members will done in one by one again. Another massacre since they basically trapped.

I know sacrificing oneself is serious business and all that but it is hard to keep a straight face whenever they sacrificed themselves so the others can move forward. Just like Hinata said, it was all very shounen-like ending XD

And yes, it bothers me that Otonashi does not need to sacrifice himself. I think he should be the first one dead. Eh wait... when did I change my mind so drastically over Otonashi? I used to like him T__T

Yurippe got to fight the last of the clone while Otonashi saves the real Kanade. How heroic. NOT!

Heh, didn't I said Yuri's plan kinda backfired? Hah, I was right! Take that Otonashi!

I'm beginning not to like where this anime is going. Otonashi kinda ruined it for me. It's so small in percentage but since I got emotional ONLY when I watch anime or read manga, it is a big deal.


Why can't he just get it on with Naoi since he is DEFINITELY gay for Otonashi.


I think that this show is getting better and better. This one had plenty of funny parts and I can't wait to see what Tachibana's personality is going to be like now.

Otonashi X Tachibana at this point is all but confirmed.

Tachibana is also awesome as fuck. She replaces Iwasawa for best character in the series.

I'm not so fond of character like Tachibana. She reminded me a lot of Yuki and I'm not fond of Yuki either.

But yeah, this anime is getting better plot wise. Enjoyment wise... for me... not so much :(

So I just finished this episode, see.
Again, TK takes the show. Right about the plot; Mr. Jun tailed off pretty suspensefully this episode. I pretty much expect as much from him.
I'm all for kanade, so it's good to see Otonashi swoon over her; poor lonely girl needs some skinship.

Also, doesn't that scene where the two Tenshis stab one another look a lot like the first episode?


Its either Tachibana will become evil, or be saved by Otonashi. I dunno what is so suspense about that.

I have nothing against Tachibana personally. I just do not like her archetype character in general.

And all of this came from a fishing trip...
I'm also a bit annoyed with Otonashi now, and I wouldn't mind if he just went yaoi with his harem.

My sentiment exactly.

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