29 May 2010

I'll be honest. Promise!

So yeah, formspring is all the rage right now. Someone told me to get one so I made an account. I guess once you have this, you are no longer allowed to lie or live anonymously. You have to be honest and answers all the question truthfully. Otherwise what was the purpose of having an account for this shit?

Long story short, you can ask me anything at http://formspring.me/kluxorious.

Durarara is awesome. Just thought that you all should know that


"All the rage"? I see people using it, but it's still not ubiquitous enough to warrant mention :P

Yeah Durarararararararararara is awesome !

I would ask you a pretty nasty question, but you seem to have disabled anonymous questions in your formspring.me...so nevermind ;)

Yeah I figured people will do something like that Thi. Since I promise to answer EVERY questions, it is only fair that I know who asks them, no?

It is the rage where at my part of the world though, Guy.

Registration? Fuck that. Can't I just ask you questions here? I don't care if you lie.

This is stupid I'm never making one of these (he said as he made one of these).

Oh alright, I'll allowed anonymous post for your sake Baka-Raptor

That is quite interesting but I am worried about the privacy if I subscribe. I mean, anyone can see the answers, can't they?

I think that's the whole point of it

I'll think of something to ask eventually, but a little mystery is also nice, so I won't press too hard. ^ ^
Have fun.

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