27 May 2010

Bleach: Chapter 405

You gotta love Kira and I am now a shipper for KiRangiku. Even though he's down he still worried about Matsumoto going on a suicide mission trying to stop Gin. She was barely healed and only has enough strength to keep herself alive. But love triumph above all so yeah, she will die trying to stop her childhood friend. I am going to miss you, Matsumoto.

Ah, but if you love Kira, you gotta love Gin even more. Scratch that. Loving Gin is compulsory for all Bleach fans because he is epic!

I dunno why I was doubting him in the beginning. I mean now he's just toying with Ichigo. Ichigo is like a rat in a cage atm. Poor soul. Run Ichigo, run! LMAO

But it is just like Kubo to kill my excitement. He switches back to condom Aizen vs Urahara/Yourichi/Isshin.

Yourichi is alright after she was attacked by Aizen. Damn. She only suffered damage on her right arm. Tsk.

Here comes the best part though. Aizen openly admitted that of all people, Urahara still is the only shinigami/person that beyond his comprehension. Heh, does this mean that Urahara might be the only one who can defeat him?

Pfft who am I kidding right?

During their conversation, Urahara pulls out a surprise attack on Aizen. The #32 hadou has no effect on Aizen though as he stopped it with his zanpaktou and he totally expected the attack from Yourichi.

LOL can't you be anymore predictable?

She used Shunko on him hoping that it will at least do the minor damage. Well, think again Yourichi. But of course she is just a diversion. Urahara will be the one who does the real attacking business.

Shibari Benihime!

I must say that what comes next is totally pawnsome! I didn't know Benihime can do that! It kinda looks like a kidou, doesn't it, trapping the opponent like that?

And yet Aizen is still standing >_>

Oh wait, don't be disappointed too fast because Isshin (I almost forgot about Isshin) was next to attack and guess what kind of attack he used?


WTF right? Aren't a zanpaktou unique to each owner? That's why we don't see duplication of power. Don't tell me that Zangetsu has an older brother. Urgh, I don't like where this is going. Is Kubo running out of ideas or is he being lazy to come up with something new?

This is bullshit!!

And I seriously have no idea what to expect in the next chapter (this is obviously a lie)

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I highly doubt that this is the end of Aizen.
Anyway, I actually thought it was kind of neat that Ichigo's dad also used Getsuga Tenshou.

Zanpukto powers might have hereditary characteristics... at least Kubo never said they don't. Even if he did, he'll make an exception for it somehow.

hes being lazy.... i felt that this was a lazy chapter.. we need more to happen.

I am pissed off that Kubo couldn't come up with something new. This is just so like him, trolling his fans with a half-baked effort.

Lazy son of a bitch.

does anyone remember "the diamond dust rebellion" remember the whole point of the movie?

I was too busy being a pedo for Toushiro to notice the point of the movie. What was it again?

The point of diamond dust rebellion was just to cater to the Toshiro fans...like you Ms. PedoKlux-sama. ^0^
There was no real story, no way to fit it into the canon story, and nothing but catering to the fans all of the various attacks of the good guys. Oh and there was some crap about there being two Hyorinmarus...right...

its not crap. Apparently there's two Zangetsu as well

I guess even then when the movie was out, we could see the signs of Kubo slipping. We like our heroes to be individual thanks! Having the same name and power for your sword ain't ok with me either. >_<

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