25 May 2010

Nekura Musume to Internet

The reason I picked this one up is easy. This one shot is from the same mangaka that does Yandere Kanojo. If you haven't read Yandere Kanojo yet, well... you sucks because it is one of the funniest shit ever, and very honest in its presentation of feelings which contribute to the funneh. So yeah, what I am trying to say is, read Yandere Kanojo!

This one shot tells the story of Morinaka Iyo, a hikikomori who is addicted to internet and refuse to go to school. Her homeroom teacher, Taiga, however will not let her has her way. Hilarity ensued, just as expected from Shinobi. Shinobi is the mangaka btw, if I haven't mention him yet.

Says he, after breaking the door XD

Being a hikikomori has made Iyo socially inept. She's terrible at face to face communication so she shuts him out. Oh no, Taiga is not giving up on her! It is one way or the other! What did he do? He created a discussion board to share with the public of his predicament. Turn out that it was freaking popular too!


So anyway, like I said, Shinobi has this way of being totally honest that allows you to related with what the characters were talking about. Example?

TTGL reference FTW!

Who can't relate to TTGL right? I thought so.

So.. err yeah. Long story short I enjoyed this one. Though not as much as I enjoy Yandere Kanojo, it is still up to my standard for comedy.

art 6/10
story 9/10
character 8/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10


Interesting seeing a TTGL quote in another mangaka.

If interested in another one-shot, take a look at Children of the Sea. Art is okay, but very interesting storyline. I hope to do a review about it soon :)

I wish this was more than a one shot....hopefully it will be?

It's funny, because I have slowly become less sociable with people face to face as time has gone on. I pretty much don't talk to people now, other than online. I suck.

I'll wait for your review Bluedrakon, Sir and decides if it is indeed my cup of tea.

and Glo, that is exactly who I have become. I am socially inept. For example, my friends invited me to watch Shrek in 3D at the cinema tonight but I declined because I rather watch anime at home.

The scary part is, I like living like this and has missed my hikki days (as can be seen in my previous post) =|

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