06 May 2010

Bleach: Episode 269

Okay... lets started this shit.

1. How the fuck did they get to have a full conversation while Yammy and Ulquiorra just standing there (well, Yammy was bending but anyway) in the middle of their fucking fight?!

2. The whore is preventing Ichigo from using all of his reiatsu because she's fucking weak. She will always be a liability, this cunt.

The face of a horny whore

3. Rukia on the other hand did superbly with the skull army produced by Rudobone. She never complained or seek help. She knows everyone is busy with their own fight. By hook or by crook she has to fight this fight alone, hoping she'll do just fine when it is over.

4. So even when Renji and Sado reached her and provide assistance, it wasn't because she's weak. She told them to take care of the small fries while she will take care of Rudobone herself. See what I mean? Did you hear her chanting Kurosaki-kun at time like this? FUCKING NO.

5. Why the fuck is Ichigo and Ulquiorra's fight turn out to be so fucking boring? The quality was diabolical to say the least. I want to see at least the same quality like when Ichigo was fighting Grimmjow.

5. Even Ishida vs Yammy was far more interesting. That is saying something.

7. Credits to Ulquiorra though for being so calm and collected. I just love that about him. Action speaks louder than words after all.

8. Finally, Ulquiorra has brought Ichigo to the top of the dome. I expect things to get better from here, although I cringed when I remember how fucking annoying the whore can be after this. Urgh, just the thought of it makes me want to strangle her to death. But lets save that for later. For now, lets enjoy Ulquiorra's release of Murcielago. I love it when his reiatsu rained down on Ichigo. That was awesome. Also the fact that they didn't censored the blood makes me go giddy ^^

9. Inoue chanting the Kurosaki-kum anthem: 1 + from previous chapter (4) = 5

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his reiatsu raining down was AWESOME.

Hopefully the fight gets nasty from here.


Only a fellow Ulquiorra-tard such as yourself can understand just how f'in long I have been waiting for this episode. As soon as the two pierced the Las Noches roof the animation quality and artwork was just cranked up massiveley. The last time we got that kind of quality was probably Byakuya vs. Koga way back when.

I remember last year when this chapter came out, it was the greatest Bleach had been in a long time. I mean, the tension was just so raw, the superior look and the moon's reflection in Ulquiorra's eye when he released was just so badass, the sheer sense of doom when his reiatsu rained down was overpowering, and the absolutely palpable fear in Ichigo's eyes just made you feel so bad for him regarding the terrifying ass-whooping he was about to receive from Ulquiorra. Truly one of the most epic chapters ever.

One of the few things that could have made the release better, at least for me, is if they held back the creepy music of anticipation until AFTER the beatdown commenced. Remember during the Soul-Society Arc, when Aizen slashed Ichigo, and the music was silent,IMO, this moment could have benifitted from the same silence toon, as the impact of the moment would have been much greater if the only sounds were the sound of the actual release and the head-attack. The music shouldn't have started until the complete domination began.

I sorta imagined more emphasis being put on the command "Tozase", as to give a little tease to Ulquiorra's not-so-stoic-anymore side, and it would have been just a little nicer if they did the moon-reflection in his eye, as well as perhaps making the green-black rain last 5-10 seconds longer. But, whatever, only so much they can do in a week to cram the epicness of one of the most anticipated episodes ever into 20 mins. It's going to be a pretty sweet few episodes down the road. LOL again at Inoue.

the rain of reiatsu makes my pantsu wet ^^

also, I think the animation did not capture the essential feeling of suspense or mystery that shrouded Ulquiorra's release. I definitely didn't feel the vibe much as opposed to when I read the chapters. They left out so much details.

I agree about the music. It ruined the moment. I don't feel that much threatened by Ulquiorra's release. They also didn't manage to capture Ichigo's shock and fear when he saw Ulquiorra's release for the first time. It just lack the oomph!

The quality for Ulquiorra vs Ichigo must be at least on par with Grimmjow vs Ichigo. Isn't that's why the made the filler so they can concentrate on the canon? Less than that will be a mockery to the greatness of Ulquiorra.

I mean, he's the only one that we saw have a second release. Not to mention that he's definitely seemed stronger than any other espada, after we have seen how easily the top three were defeated.

Damn, I wish the rumor that Ulquiorra is coming back is cereal.

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