21 May 2010

Anime: Summer 2010

Have you seen the list for summer? Excited is the keyword here.

I can honestly say, that besides the usual ecchi and harem, there's nothing that I don't wish to see.

I'm lazy. I'll wait for the second version before I write more details about the upcoming summer anime. Note that Highschool of the Dead, Kuroshitsuji and Nurarihyon no Mago are the one on top of my list.


There are really not enough series though...

This is only the first version. I'm sure they'll be few others in the final version.

true, the general impression is much better than the current season. At least there're a lot more darker-themed shows coming :)

which is why I'm excited ^^

I can't WAIT or HS of the Dead. I'm writing a post about this.

I'm excited for all the horror anime and Strike Witches.

Strike Witches. Again! Hahahahahaha!
That series is totally weakening my heart right now. Seems like many things are my Kryptonite.

I'm absolutely obliged to watch Amagami, and then I guess Basara. About time Hideyoshi appeared. Ohman, I'd have such a kick writing a comparison post between him and the Bakatest Hideyoshi.

i didn't finish the first season of Strike Witches so I am not that thrill to watch this second season.

I'm not sure about Amagami. Unless it turned out to be something like Red Garden then I might give it a pass.

weird set of anime this time around. Besides Strike Witches, not sure about the rest

weird? Strike witches? You have a pretty disturbing taste Bluedrakon, Sir :P

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