16 May 2010

Angel Beats! episode 7

Glad to report that none of the members from the Battlefront Brigade died from last week's massacre, or wounded for that matter. I'm not even try to think of a logic excuse for that. I have told myself to watch this anime and take every thing at face value.

As predicted Naoi didn't disappear. He is now one of Battlefront's members. He still has his hypnotism power too and is only fond of Otonashi. Explained a lot I guess.

In this episode, the focus is on Otonashi's memories. With Naoi around it would be possible to recover them even though Otonashi himself is not sure if he wants to remember.

Oh no wonder he did not remember anything. He lived a life of a loser, an anti-social. Sure he cares about his sick sister but that was pretty much the highlight of his life. That didn't last long either. But the lost of his sister made him realized he wanted to do something with his life: to become a medic and help people. Jeebus how noble. Of course that didn't happen because he was involved in a train accident and is now officially dead.

emo Otonashi is pathetic

But awwwwwww nonetheless

I have a bad feeling about all of this. Otonashi seems too normal after he regained his memory I could not help but think he has a plan of his own. Also I do not approved since the beginning when he started to get all chummy with Tachibana. Tch.

Like always, Angel Beats! throws us off with twisted story line comes the second half of the episode. This time they go river fishing and obviously the mood got lighter considerably although they have to face the river monster. Looks like they will be eating lots of fish tonight ^^

Before the end of episode, they throw us with another curve ball. Apparently the Angel is not a singular entity and one of them has attack Yurippe!

Gah I like this series so much ^_^


"Otonashi seems too normal after he regained his memory I could not help but think he has a plan of his own."

Nah, maybe not. It seems like he retained his personal beliefs from everything he said last episode, and he was prepared for something bad, so it just took him a few minutes to get back to normal. I'm certain that's what I'd do if it was me, because I think that if it happened then fuck it, you can't change the past so focus on the present.

I forgot that I'm gonna take every thing at face value. Thanks for reminding me

Um, the reason no one is dead or wounded is because everyone is already dead. Thus they will all be fine in a couple minutes. The real threat last episode was Naoi making them disappear through memory modification.

ah fuck, how in the world did I forget that fact? *facepalm*

and stop being so anonymous!

Erm, you know why none of them died or got hurt, right? It's what made the whole "massacre" ridiculous in the first place:

They come back!

This is also why I didn't understand the brigade not attacking "regular students".. I mean, they're going to come back anyway. Unless they merely refer to the NPCs, and not to the other humans with souls.

So, what did the massacre accomplish? On one hand, nothing, on the other... it fits Naoi's sadistic personality. He can inflict pain, again, and again, and again. Like that Stargate episode where Baal kills Jack countless times to torture them.

Heh. I'm with "anonymous" ;)
But still, there are some holes, as I outlined above.

yeah, I kinda forgot that they are already dead. The regular students are NPCs. That's why they don't attack them.

Naoi is like the love child of Gin and Aizen

and there were lots of holes alright, especially from the last episode.

Everyone seems to be gay for otonashi. ^ ^
Tenshi #2 completely threw me off.
That fish actually looks kind of tasty... I could use some sashimi.

its just like when everyone seems to be gay for Hideyoshi ^^

It completely threw me off too. That's why I like this series XD

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