20 May 2010

Bleach: Chapter 404

lol what happened to Yourichi? Did she has a tan for her face only?

So yeah, Aizen continues with his words diarrhea, taunting Urahara, Yourichi and Isshin to make the next move. He promised to crush all of their hopes. But what did they do? They bicker with each other in front of the enemy.

No, this is not the sort of comic relief I expected. This is just plain stupid. You don't joke around in front of a God. That will only make him more angry hence you'll suffer more damage than necessary.

Apparently the steel plates that covers Yourichi and were so easily destroyed is meant to countering heiro. Hmm, seemed like a phailed experiment.

Imagined my relief when Kubo switched back to Ichigo and Gin's fight (after Aizen put a blow on Yourichi. See what did I tell you? You don't bicker in front of an enemy. That will just create an opening for an attack *facepalm*)


Looks like Gin's head injury is healed. No more blood gushing out from his head wound. -__-

Thank goodness it does not have an effect on his personality, still so full of mischief. Gah I love this shinigami!

I mean, he has a valid point. Who can win against God right? You might be the son of Zeus and your name might be Percy but that doesn't change the face that you are still half-breed. Same goes for the shinigami. They may be the "death god" but there's nothing Godly about them. In fact, the whole Central 46 looks fishy to me and the Gotei itself is corrupted. Dictatorship is so yesterday. I'm so glad the old fuck is gone.

Well, well, well... what da ya know. Gin still has so much under his sleeves. But guess who appeared to rain down on his parade?



I really don't like the idea of her reuniting with him because I know that would be Gin's downfall. God damn it. She has a fucking hole on her stomach. Just stay put, woman!

I completely forgot about her and now that she has re-appeared, I'm fearing the worst :(

Stop her Kira!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


wtf can matsumoto do that ichigo cant though? thats what makes no sense to me. I mean i know Gin will probably die, along with every other villain in this entire series, but what can she REALLY do?

stupid whore. I hate her. although that could be because i will never forgive her for that shopping episode in the anime. I mean that was the worst piece of shit episode i have ever seen.

If Matsumoto, a mere vice captain with a questionable ability, somehow defeats Gin... I'd rage for a long time.
Gin is way too cool for that.

Oh fuck hell no!

I almost quit when he killed Ulquiorra with the gayest possible way ever. I'm not gonna forgive him if he does the same thing to Gin.


But then again there's a rumor that he's bringing back Ulquiorra.

And I still believe that Gin is a good guy.


FUCK YOU KUBO. I don't ever want to see Gin dying!

Hahaha! I knew there was going to be some sort of belligerent humor between Urahara and Yoruichi... could there also be some unresolved sexual tension in there too...? Hmmm...? I mean just look at Urahara's flustered-behind-the-fan look when Yoruichi lifted her leg... *_*

(Isshins painful-to-look-at nose FTW!)

Gin is such a Bro. Ever since Aizen has brought his phallic symbolism to the battle with his new, simply faaaaaaabulous costume change, all Ichigo has done was stare straight ahead with a blank expression, while presumably fantasizing about deflowering (ehm... bone-ing) one of his female co-stars. During which time Gin could have easily separated Ichi's head from his shoulders. However, Gin is just too cool to take such a cheap shot, and actually let Ichigo know how screwed he was via Aizen trademarked MIND-RAPE!

I'm a bit surprised (but also not) at Gin's newly displayed Kami-Shini no Yari abilities. On page 18 he forced Ichigo to put on his super-hollow mask, so that sort of implies that Gin + Bankai has roughly the raw-power of base-imperfect Aizen. Applying that level of strength is actually quite a remarkable feat, given how hyped up (by Kubo and almost everyone else) Aizen has been since his introduction as the big-bad.

(Ichigo with Super-Mask was roughly capable of going toe-to-toe with base-imperfect Aizen, or, at least surviving, back in chapter 396, however short a time their duel was.)

LOL at Aizen's inability to kill (or at least severely incapacitate) a single member of the Gotei 13. I mean, the dude is virtually God, and he lacks the power to keep a single vice-captain down for the span of at least an arc? (It's been only 12 chapters since the Aizen rampage.) Kira got up and was all like: "LOL, plot-armor!"


FAIL at Rangiku's intent to intervene in the fight between Ichigo and the guy she (probably) loves (Gin). This is kind of like when Orihime tried to interfere with Ichigo vs. R2 Ulquiorra and save her beloved. That sure as hell helped him.


What happened to Ichi when Orihime insisted on interrupting his fight...? Hmmm... (*Checks this week’s episode*)... Ah, that's right, he ended up DEAD. (For all of 11 minutes and 33 seconds, considering that he (Ichi) is in fact the main character, and, in this case, that Gin in fact, is NOT.) -_-

...Remember back during the Soul-Society Arc, and Kira forcefully prevented Rangiku from finding and detaining Gin? Something like that should happen again. Go Kira! "Bros before Hoes", Man! (No offense to whomever that statement may concern.)

Good Luck, Kubo.

I couldn't stop smiling after I read your comment Darwin. They always amuses me.

I have nothing to add to that awesome post of yours except that "Bros before Hoes" should applied to every other anime/real life situation too.

I love Gin. /random

And from here on out, characters we've long forgotten will be popping out left and right. Deux Ex Machina is kubo's middle name, after all. After 'Troll', of course.

And well, Gin does have really big sleeves, lololololol


there are only Byakuya, Kenpachi and Mayuri left who are uninjured. I sure hope they won't switch back to them fighting Yammy. That would kill the mood of the whole damn thing.

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