19 May 2010

Bleach: Episode 271

I am not exactly thrill to watch this week's episode because it felt so rushed last week. I don't like it at all. The production team should do this properly. This fight is epic because how fucking badass Ulquiorra is. Fuck, why don't they get that? *sigh*

Not to mention that the fucking bitch is going to annoy the fucking hell out of me. Urgh *RAGE!!*


So... err... yeah... Ichigo has a fucking hole on his chest. The one that you can see through. You know, hollow hole? Yeah that. This means that he no longer has his heart no? I'm surprise we didn't see any blood after Ulquiorra blasted a cero through his chest and making that hole. Facts that they conveniently neglected.

So... err... yeah... Ichigo is fucking dead. DEAD?! Huzzah! Eh? Wait... why am I celebrating? Oh yeah, I'm in love with Ulquiorra now. That's why.

Ah damn, why must he looks so delicious even after he's dead? Now I am feeling guilty for having no sympathy for his death.

Did you guys see the look on the bitch face? Hah! Take that whore! Know that this is all is your fucking fault! If you weren't so fucking willing to follow Ulquiorra to Hueco Mundo, none of this shit will happened!

OMIGOD, what did I tell you? Didn't I say that she's going to make me feel so fucking annoyed with her being totally useless? And where is Ishida? What the fuck is he doing? Put a leash on your damn whore, man!

LOL i'm sorry Ishida but this is funneh

And so the chanting begin! Fuck! I don't have to re-live this shit again! Fuck fuckitty fuck!

But you know what? I refused to believe that Ichigo is really dead. I mean, lets face the fact that he's the protagonist and in Bleach none of the good guy will suffers death unless in a back story. The fact that I know this makes me mad and rage all over Kubo again >=(

That's why the bitch is trying to be of use by healing him with her power while Ishida distracted Ulquiorra. What the fuck, you can't revived a dead man no matter how powerful you are. Jeebus. Shouldn't she be bothered with the living and heal Ishida of his wounds? Think for a second, you whore!

Oh wait, she doesn't have a brain.

I guess it was not completely useless. I mean she did turn Ichigo into a full bodied hollow. Job well done whore /sarcasm. Just how fucking retarded you are when you started to seek help from a dead guy. A FUCKING DEAD GUY FOR FUCK SAKE! *facepalm*

Things are always look more badass in the manga ^_^


I know I love this part in the manga though so the production team better do their work and make me impressed with the fighting otherwise... I might just abandoned the anime from now on.

You know one of the reason why I love this part so much? Because of this


Hahaha if you need any proof about what I said earlier, there you go. If you think Ichigo is up and kicking again because he wants to protect her or because of her, would he be sending her off, ON HER FUCKING FACE NONETHELESS ZOMGROFL? Yeah, interpret that you sucker!

And who did catch the whore? None other than Ishida right? Yeah, read the fucking signs people!

Urgh, stop rushing this epic fight you moron!! Fuck! Why are they doing this?! WHY?! All of this crammed into one episode?! MOTHERFUCKER! YOU CAN'T WAIT TO GET RID OF ULQUIORRA, DON'T YOU?!

Intermission: Doesn't he looks like Hei ^w^

I facepalmed when I heard Ulquiorra telling his enemy about his weakness. I remember how fucking mad I was at Kubo for degrading Ulquiorra's intelligent like that. Guess what? I'm still mad about it even now.

I fucking weep T___T


Whore-hime's chant "kurosaki-kun" in this episode (FUCKING 15 TIMES!) + from previous episodes (6) = 21.

Didn't I tell you? -__-

Wow, surprisingly I have a good time ranting about this episode. Loves every moment of it ^_^"

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

p/s: Did anyone else caught the yaoi phrase during the omake? ^__________^


this episode was pretty badass.... although i want this fight to go on forever, sooo awesome. I really hope they give us a gift and let us see one more episode of it.

this fight should never end! or at least, it should have different ending!

The quality of the animation in this episode was breathtaking. The last time we had a canon fight represented in an episode of this quality was when Hisagi fought Findor in Episode 219 [One year ago almost to-the-day).

Ulquiorra's execution of Ichigo was masterful. Cero-ing him in the night so cleanly after silencing the music, & pwning him and hime, glorious. The way Ichi died and was so casually tossed off the edge of the tower 650 meters or so to the ground was just magnificent.

[The reason btw, as to why there was no blood is because of this: Since a cero is essentially Kubo's equivalent of a light/laser/energy ray/beam attack (think Star Wars), when it passes through an opponent, it will vaporize what it contacts, and the surrounding area that is pierced will be immediately superheated/seared/cauterized, so there will be no blood in the wound because the organic matter would have been destroyed/altered/burned.]

The breaking of Orihime was also executed beautifully, and I might’ve felt bad for her if I wasn't enjoying the moment so damn much. For such a riveting performance, kudos to Orihime's voice actor, Yuki Matsuoka.

I'm a bit dumbfounded at Ichi's "I will protect you." line. I thought that it was Hollow Ichigo who wanted some action w/ hime (baser animalistic instincts) and said that line since normal Ichigo's heart and lungs were pulverized, rendering him unable to function or think. (His eyes stopped responding to light). It made no sense to me that normal Ichigo said that line even though he was already hollowfied (eyes were black with yellow pupils; hollow-mode eyes), not to mention dead. Hmm...

Ishida's arm destruction, the cero battle, the clash in the fire, lance of the lightning, and the final exchange, ending with the finisher cero, was just too epic for words. Superb episode for a superb duel.

Since everyone is pitching in on how strong R2 Ulquiorra is, I suppose I'll say something too, though I'll save the discussion until after the duels are animated. Until then, I'll just say that, taking EVERYTHING into account, R2 Ulq ≈ R1 Starrk. That debate is for another day, though.

To make my stance on some shipping clear, I have LONG since ceased ANY shipping concerning Ichigo. The reason is that Ichigo is a dumb protagonist in a world controlled by Aizen, who also happens to be Kubo. (Aizen literally said in Chapter 397 that the entire plot was his fault... so yeah...) Since Kubo=Aizen and Aizen=Kubo, and Kyoka Suigetsu (a.k.a. Kubo's actions) conveniently allows him to troll us with illusions of anything and everything that we don't know are illusions until they are revealed to be (0 Espada, really Kubo...?), I have chosen not to ship Ichi with anyone because no matter who I may favor, there will be some way Kubo will troll. So Yeah.

I would rather ship Ishida with Nemu (Mayuri's daughter), one of the reasons as to why is that Ishida is a decent guy, and shouldn't be burdened with wasting his life chasing after well, Orihime. Unless Kubo happens to be a literary genius, if Orihime ended up with Ishida after all her fangirling and lusting for Ichi, it would be the same as if she "settled for" Ishida, implying that it was either him or none, and that he was a lesser suitor compared to Ichigo, further implying that she would not be truly "happy" in an Ishihime relationship (possibly making Ishida miserable for trying to please her), which would totally not be cool for Ishida; he doesn't deserve something so shallow. This parody basically represents my thoughts:


A Quincy-Shinigami relationship would also redeem Ishida from his dickery and holier-than-thou attitude towards Shinigami, furthering his growth as a character. So yeah. Here's to hoping there won't be a cop out. ("Serious Business!")

The breaking of Inoue annoyed the fucking hell out of me. There's nothing beautiful about that. She has been that weak since the day they hinted she has feelings for Ichigo.

Yeah, I don't like the "I will protect you" bit either. It was so easily misinterpreted. I mean, they showed us that he was thinking of protecting THEM because that's what he fucking do all the time. So I dunno why Inoue fans think that was special. *shrugs* retarded.

Somehow I just don't feel this fight being animated. There are something missing. Unlike the fight of Ichigo/Byakuya or Ichigo/Grimmjow, I do not feel that mounting excitement. I blame the production team for phailing to translate the epicness of the manga into the tv screen. I would say that I'm being a tad too particular but looks like I'm not the only one with this feelings.

Something went horribly wrong for a fight this EPIC.

As for Ulquirra = Stark, I absolutely disagree! But lets save that for another post that I may or may not write.

Ishida definitely deserved someone better than the Gotei whore so yeah I agree with you completely.

I said "beautiful" when I should have said "satisfying". My bad. I was talking about the actual event of her being psychologically broken, not her bawling that followed (i.e. what was done to her, not her crying and self-reflection afterwards). It was satisfying in the sense that she got exactly what was coming to her and completely lost her batfucking mind, before getting blasted halfway across the dome of Las Noches. Hahaha, very entertaining.

I sorta understand what you're saying about not "feeling" the fight, and not anticipating the buildup. The episode was superb eyecandy, and was visually orgasmic on the surface, but also, just like real candy, can only be taken at face value for immediate gratification, as it lacks any "deeper" content below the surface, with no "lasting" significance (compared to the other duels you mentioned). The music choice may or may not have contributed, as they tended to pick the more "desperate" or "emotional" OST tracks for this fight, rather than the more fast-paced, blood-rushing tracks they used for the other ones.

Hahaha, all is well in the world, my friend. Ulquiorra full-power R2 vs. Starrk full-power R1 is perhaps one of THE greatest unsolved and most debated, controversial questions in the entire Bleach franchise and fandom. I don't blame you for having a different opinion than me. In fact I'm glad to have someone sensible to talk to. We'll have a nice cup of virtual tea and pleasantly ponder the matter after after all the relevant battles in the arc have been animated.


Want to know why there are no real depth to the fight?

Because, unlike the others that Ichigo has fought with, Ulquiorra DID NOT GET A BACKSTORY. I am sure we all kinda feel for even Nnoitora when Kubo revealed his backstory.


It better because he's not exactly dead yet.


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