28 December 2011

Bleach: Chapter 478

I didn't celebrate Christmas but I ended up busier than most people who did celebrate Christmas Orz. I saw the chapter on mangastream before I went to sleep yesterday but since my computer decided to mock me and keep on lagging whenever it connected to the internet, I ragequit and went to sleep. I planned on reading it in the morning but one emergency led to the other... I almost ragequit again.

happy new year btw ^_^

Thank goodness that my love for Rukia makes me endure all that shit, even the fact that Tsukishima was still alive, wandering around the forest, raging at the fact that Ginjou died unceremoniously. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that Ginjou taught him more than using his fullbring ability. I would have thought that Ginjou taught him how to fully utilized his assho-


While he was being emo about it (as well as coughed up blood - he is after all has a hole in his fucking chest but according to Kubo's logic, you won't die from just that), he met Shishigawara who looked mighty disappointed in his "guru". And just like that, Tsukishima got an epiphany - whatever the fuck that is.

And brace yourself ladies and gentlemen because Jackie ain't dead. Neither is Riruka. Jeebus, what the fuck is this Kubo? Did you think by bringing all these lesser characters back can salvaged this shit of an arc that you have made us sit through week after week? IT FUCKING DOES NOT!

Oh well, no use raging for these lesser characters to begin with. At least Giriko and Ginjou stayed dead. Those guys whose name started with the letter G were bad luck indeed.

And if you think you have seen the last of this fullbringers, then think again because Yukio will be back in three years, with the company twice as large and will have the surviving fullbringers working for him. The fact that these adults have to depend on a kid (granted that he's a genius), pretty much a tell tale sign that whatever they came up with will just be one big motherfucking failure. I won't worry too much about them.

Just like people predicted, Urahara did came and save the injured, including Riruka and those who have been brainwashed by Tsukishima. None of them remembered who Tsukishima was though and this made Riruka sad.

Awww... fuck you

The shinigami were suddenly so incompetent because they lost all the other fullbringers. Come on now, it's not like there weren't injured. How the fuck can you not notice their reiatsu? This is bullshit Kubo. Fuck you too.

Enough about them, and more about Ichigo and Rukia please.

Wait... it's the end of chapter 478? WHERE THE FUCK IS MY ICHIGO AND RUKIA?

*sighs* My friend Monroe was right. Reading Bleach nowadays is more like having sex with a person out of obligation rather than want or need to T__T

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


At least this thing is over already... right?!

I don't get the gist of the conspiracy over Ukitake. It's not even a big deal!

I don't like how Kubo is leaving the mess all over the place. If he wants to kill off a band of characters, then kill them all already. He's been leaving too many unfinished business from all arcs.

At least it's over, and we should be thankful for that.

riruka was not sad because Tsukishima's ability wore off, she was sad because that was a sign that he was dead(or dying I guess).

foomafoo, I think Kubo just wanted to highlight some issues that were brought up years ago. He thought that with this, it will end the speculation, which in a way it did.

That's the problem with Kubo, he's a fucking troll. No one really die in Bleach. Even if they are dead, they just might comes back either as hollow or shinigami. The cycle is endless.

But like TJ said, it's over and lets hope it will stay that way, at least for this arc. I don't want to see any of the fullbringers in the next arc. This is the worst filler arc in history and in manga the word "filler" shouldn't even exist.

@Rogue, that's what I mean. Ginjou did say that the only way for Ichigo's friends to go back to normal is either by getting stabbed again or Tsukishima is dead. Since Inoue didn't remember who Tsukishima was, she must assumed that he's dead.

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