22 December 2011

Mirai Nikki: Episode 10

Urgh it seems like I am always a week behind on my anime because of this damn stupid internet connection of mine. Episode 11 is refusing to load for some reason. It stuck at 68.4% since few days ago and it really pissed me off. I feel like borrowing Yuno's knife and cut open whoever the fuck responsible for this shitty connection.

You know the episode was gonna be awesome when Yuno started digging some holes and I reckoned she wanted to bury those corpses inside of her house though she wasn't sure what to bury herself. She must have quite a strength to dig that deep of a hole all by himself. I guess this is a good lesson for us all: never underestimating the strength of a yandere.

yeah we are going to hear wedding bells too ^_^
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The next day, Akise set up a date for Yuno and Yuki. He told Yuki that he wanted to watch a movie together with him when he told Yuno about a fake wedding trial that Yuki wanted to go but too shy to ask her herself. LOL and Yuki was calling him a friend not a minute ago. I wonder what Akise was really up to.

Yuki was already regretting his words of declaring Yuno as his girlfriend because now she was totally out of control. He wanted to tell Yuno that it was all a lie. Heh, I wanted to see him try. I can't wait to see what Yuno will turn him into. A man sushi perhaps?

On the other hand, Ninth was making bombs again, and she has a full suitcase full of them. Looked like she was doing it under Fourth order and then suddenly BAM! Murumuru was showing (and dubbing) us some flashback of Ninth seeking the Third who she underestimated. In the middle of her rendezvous, she met a young cop who caught her and then escaped with her from Third. Ninth was obviously developed some feeling for the young cop for she blushed easily at whatever he said. It was all good I guess but I have this sinking feeling at the back of my mind that this romance skit will be short-lived. I'm sure Third will eventually murdered the young cop but I was wrong. It was Ninth who did the murdering though luckily the young cop wore a bullet proof vest. I wonder if Ninth knew that the young cop is still alive...

you called me cute, now I have to kill you :3

At the wedding trial, Yuki ended up having fun but he also noticed Kurusu's wife, the one who attended to their needs. I think Ninth will blow up that place (again under Fourth order) and Akise just got a hunch about it. Think about it, wouldn't it be a perfect opportunity for Fourth to get rid both Yuno and Yuki at the same time. But then again, it wasn't him who set them up, which led me to wonder if Akise has anything to do with Fourth. Lets hope not.

Because Yuki was having fun, he started to wonder why shouldn't he fall for Yuno for real. That was definitely the right mind set. Why not right? She's pretty and will do anything for you. Be grateful in return and treated her like she deserved to be treated Yuki.

Oh yeah, he can't forget about the corpse and that what stopped him from liking Yuno for real. Hmm, damn it, I can't really blame him for that reason >=(

But for whatever reason, he wanted to forget about that and pretended that it never happened. Whoa... that was like 180 degrees of changed. I thought he would have rejected her when the time came for their chapel ceremony rehearsal and flat out said 'No' when the priest asked him if he wanted to take Yuno as his lawfully wedded wife.

awwwww :3

When he brought Yuno home (who was asleep on his back - awww so sweet), Akise was there. So that was why he sent Yuno and Yuki out, he wanted to explore Yuno's house. He even opened the sealed room but found nothing except the bottomless hole that Yuno dug earlier. When Yuki asked her about the corpses, Yuno didn't seem to know what he was talking about and she wasn't faking it. She totally blocked out anything that has to do with the corpses. She even forgot the fact that Yuki has been to her house before.

After they left Yuno's house, Akise told Yuki that he had to bring everything to light for Yuno's own good and I figured that it was very brave of him. I'm sure he must have known what Yuno can be when she lost it and yet he still offered to "help" her. I admired that about him, unlike Yuki who wanted to swept the problem under the rug. However he wasn't so foolish as to not realized Yuki's role in this. After all, it is only around Yuki that Yuno can be calm and not as volatile.

Back at the police station, Kurusu was searching for the murderer of Tenth even though he was the one who killed that man. He tried to put the blame on Yuno and Yuki instead and making them a suspect for the murder case. He wanted them both arrested within the next 24 hours.

Hah! My instinct was right. He is a jerk and an asshole to boot.


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