20 December 2011

Working'!! Episode 12

Inami broke her personal record for successfully restraining herself from punching Takanashi for more than a fortnight now. When she told this to Poplar and Aoi, they both panicked thinking that she's sick and something must be wrong with her. LOL gotta love that reaction. Inami decided to train by herself and stopped depending on Takanashi too much to cure her androphobia. She asked Poplar and Aoi to help her out and keep it a secret from Takanashi as well.

So they dressed Inami up as a boy since Kyoko was no good because her breast is too big. Little did she know where Aoi got that boy's uniform from. Heh.


Since that didn't work, Aoi suggested that Inami faced the boys head on instead of avoiding them because that was basically her running away from her problem. It's not like Aoi was wrong but this could be fatal for the guys at Wagnaria. Thankfully the only victim was Daisy heh.

and yet...

Inami told Takanashi of her achievement in person and Takanashi offered that they text each other out of the blue. Obviously Inami was more than thrill about it. She even broke her phone from too much excitement. I was surprised to find Takanashi literally waited for her text that never came. He was disappointed and I am sure the rest of us have feel that way at least once in our life, as we looked at our phone every few seconds hoping that it will bleep indicating a phone call or a text from that one person you hold above the rest. It was torture.


after ^__^

Izumi saw how stressed Takanashi was and knew right away that he was waiting for a text from his girlfriend. She was sad at first and hoped that the girlfriend will not send the text so Takanashi will break up with the girlfriend and take care of her forever but once she saw how affected Takanashi was, she didn't have the heart to deny his happiness. LOL I love this part of the show when everybody else thought Takanashi was happy because of the picture of the kitten that Inami sent him, when in fact, he was just happy that Inami did text him after all ^_^

But lets not forget his rival, Kirio who literally falling from the sky not a second after Takanashi thought about it. Takanashi didn't waste anytime and warned him not to bother Inami anymore. He also told her the development of his friendship with Inami and Kirio knew right away that the person Inami likes was him. LOL stop being so clueless Takanashi!


On a different story, Aoi was locked out from Wagnaria. Everyone thought the she was already asleep in the attic when in fact she was out reading manga and lost the track of time. Heh served her right. If Satou didn't notice something was not right, she would be sleeping outside in the cold, alone for the night. But Satou did notice something was not right so he went back and sent her to Poplar's house. Lucky her.

this is the first time I saw Aoi looking for her mom

With this episode done, that left only one episode to go. I already feel so sad about it. I am a tad worry too. There are still so many issues to resolve like whether or not Satou will success at his goal, or will he quit Wagnaria, will Takanashi finally realized his feelings for Inami, how about Kirio... will he meet Aoi or will Souma keep them separated? Doesn't it makes you curious as to why Souma does that?

So I expect a third season of Working'!! That would have been the one of the greatest joys of my life and I am not even kidding about it.


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