21 December 2011

Kimi to Boku: Episode 10

Chizuru noticed that something was wrong and I reckoned it has something to do with him trying to make sense of his feelings towards Masaki. Someone should probably tell him that dressing up as a girl won't helped him accomplished anything. On the other hand, I rather wanted to see him embarrassed himself like that.

But this is Chizuru after all. He has no qualm dressing up like that especially since it was for the school festival and everyone else was dressing up as different character as well. Lets not forget that his class was doing the haunted house. I know what anime they (Yuki/Kaname/Chizuru) were dressing up was from but for the life of me I can't remember the title. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu....

(c) CK

It's okay though. That's not important. What's important was the fact that the haunted house was pretty elaborate whats with ghosts and props. It was pretty impressive if it was real. Also the fact that Chizuru didn't waste any time trying to get it on with Masaki. He took the opportunity to hold Masaki's hand inside the haunted house. Since it was dark, Masaki thought that it was Shun. Got to say that it was pretty smooth lol

Then they all attended the Cinderella play to see Masaki performed. She was terribad at it though because she was too nervous (because Shun was there). So as usual, she has to be a drama bitch queen about it, hoping that Shun will look for her and made her feel better. Too bad it was Chizuru who put in an effort. I honestly liking Chizuru more nowadays. He has a purpose instead of just being that annoying guy around those four boys. Besides, what he did for Masaki (chasing her inside the girl's bathroom) was sweet.

To see that he finally admitted and acknowledge that feelings of his towards Masaki was liberating to say the least. I was glad that they didn't try to make him be in denial about it. Unlike Takanashi from Working, such trick won't be as efficient in a show like this.

(c) agetaiyaki

Chizuru wasn't the only person who has to deal with his feelings in this episode though. Hisako came to the festival with her sister and obviously Kaname couldn't stop blushing in front of her. Heh sometime men are so obvious.

So we have two love triangles going on in Kimi to Boku. The first one between Chizuru > Masaki > Shun and the other one between Kaname > Hisako's sister > Hisako although if you analyze it carefully, it wasn't really a love triangle since in order it to be so, two of the person in that said love triangle must have the same feelings for one other person. In their case, it was more of unrequited love that involved two persons who are aware of their feelings to the other while one other person was completely clueless. It can't be any sadder than this T__T

I feel like quoting Adele for this - sometimes it last in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.


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