21 December 2011

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 10

I guess sooner or later I should watch this episode to move on to the other episode of Persona 4 the Animation. Like I said in my previous rant in episode 9, I really don't like Rise as a character and she kinda ruined this show a bit for me even though I have been told that she will only gets better. I sure hope they are right, for their sake.

Yuu got a warning from the Velvet room. Margaret warned him of the peril that he will face soon and not even the combined strength of his Arcana is enough to stop it. But meh, I will not take that warning seriously because his friends and their Persona will definitely not abandoned him.

The Midnight Channel once again showed the slutty Rise. I bet the guys can't wait to get inside the TV now knowing that she's gonna strip for them. I mean, even Yuu has his jaw hanging like a wolf. Men disgust me sometimes.

I was a little disappointed T_T

Rise's shadow took a form of a pole stripper and I gotta say that comparing this with the other shadows, her designed was probably the simplest and the most eye-catching. It also has a neat trick up her sleeves. She scanned her opponents and instantly knew of their weakness as Persona and thus they were defeated quite easily. This time helped came from unexpected source: Kuma/Teddy and so the pole dancing Shadow was taken down. As usual only then Rise accepted who she was and she lives happily ever after (well, NOT if I have anything to do with it!)

The episode was far from over though because suddenly another shadow appeared and it belongs to Kuma/Teddy. The TV world as they knew it started to collapsed. All hopes are not lost yet though because Rise's Persona (named Himiko), just like her shadow earlier, is able to learn the weakness of it's opponent and so she called out Himiko and used it against Teddy's Shadow. Mostly though, it was Teddy who did all the work. It didn't give up even when he was sucked into the abyss of nothingness. For that it deserved to have it's own Persona. At least now we know that he wasn't an empty vessel.

I was hoping that we have seen the last of Rise in the episode but damn it she has joined the group to search for the killer too. Urgh two were good, three were okay, fourth were tolerarable and more then that were just a crowd. I'm not digging it.

Anyway, it looked like there was another dead victim for the next episode. They better hurry and find the killer soon before the body count increased again.


"Men disgust me sometimes."

Only sometimes?! Hahaha :)

Well... at other times, there's yaoi LOLOL

There's bad disgusting and then there's good disgusting. I see :)

Well that's how the plot in the video game goes, the animation isn't gonna stray away from that no matter how annoying/boring Rise is

I know... which sucks because I have to tolerate her for the upcoming episodes and she will clearly affect the enjoyment (and rating) for this show for me.

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