30 December 2011

Working'!! Episode 13

It's the final episode of Working'!! season 2. I would have watched this sooner but I saw some major spoilers in the twitter. This is where my short-term memory lost served it's purpose in my life. I waited a few days and though I generally has an idea what the episode is going to be, I have forgotten the details. I would have waited till all off that input erased from my brain but I just can't. Not when it's Working'!!

Right. Now on to episode 13: Poplar managed to grow a centimeter and thanks to that she was able to reach the report roaster. Though this is good news for Poplar, it was a terribad news for Takanashi which explained the title for this episode; "Farewell Poplar". For the first time though, he has an accomplice. Satou didn't like it either but both of them have totally two different reasons.


Takanashi pretty much lost his composure and since this wasn't his first time, it was something that we have seen before though it never ceased to amaze me. He started calling every other female employees an old hag and looked at them with disgust. LOL I would have treated him like a punching bag XD

Since Inami is in love with him, she can't help but worry for him and she shared this with Aoi, the last person you ever wanted to confide to. She put some ridiculous ideas into Inami's head, like Takanashi is in love with Poplar. This just made Inami worrier than before. Aoi went after Poplar to get the gist of things. She asked Poplar if she is worrying about anything. Poplar then said that she should be worrying about her future. All her friends are going to cram school to prepare for the entrance exam and if she wanted to do the same, then she might have to quit the job. As expected of Aoi, the news of Poplar quitting spread like wild-fire.

Everyone was obviously sad when they heard it and as usual, Satou and Takanashi were the most affected by that news.

But at least there was something good that came out of it. Inami asked Takanashi if he is going to quit Wagnaria too if Poplar quit. After all, he started working there because of Poplar. His reply makes me smile from ear to ear.

awwww ^______^

Kirio did visit Wagnaria but was sent out by Takanashi in less than a minute lol. He ended up giving Poplar some advice for the entrance exam but just like Aoi, he was useless too. He wasn't the only one who gave her advice though, so were the rest of her co-workers which only emphasized her needs to start worrying about her future. Damn, she's not really gonna quit now, is she?

And once again, the megane girl got her introduction, just like she did in the final episode of season 1. Since all she cares about is being normal, it was understandable that she remained as props in the background for the past 12 episodes. But this is Wagnaria after all where the employees weren't normal at all. Even if she was the odd one out, it was only natural that she would be pulled into the abnormality by force. This happened every time she had a conversation with the other staffs. Things, I assumed, would have been more wretched (read: hilarious) if we got to see this more often.

getting raped mentally by Satou and Souma for being normal. Life is hard, isn't it, Maya?

Thanks to her "normal" advice though, Poplar made up her mind that she can do her part time job and studying as well. Well duh!

Satou and Takanashi also found out that Poplar didn't actually grow taller, she just got better at stretching. And that's the end of it.

Quite a let down compared to the final episode of season 1. Lots of things are still waiting to be concluded, like I have said in the previous episode but with how they let this season ended with such open-ended situation, it is safe to assume that we are getting a season three of this awesome and amazing show. I can't complain much now, can I? ^__^


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