31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

It's the last day of 2011 with less than 12 hours to go before the new year. I have no plans for today other than chillaxing, perhaps watching few episodes of anime and write this post. I will probably go out later tonight to celebrate the new year with bunch of old friends from college that I haven't seen for almost a year. I have been hanging out with them for the past couple of days, socializing in real life with real people like a boss.

and fuck everything else

There is a reason why I am writing this obligatory post. It is to review the past year of my life, of whether or not I have changed as a person whether for better or for worse. Lots of things happened, and a lot of things that I hoped happened didn't happen as well. However, looking back at my resolutions for 2011, I am proud to say that I've accomplished what I have set out to do, well... almost.

I have learned my lesson. I don't let other people, person, human being, bitches and assholes affected my life. I have no expectation from the likes of them and thus I won't get disappointed. This goes to my friends as well, who to be honest, I only met a few time in the past 12 month. I didn't make any new friends, just a bunch of acquaintances which were forced upon me mostly due to work. They aren't bad person, it just that I don't see why any of us should put an effort to know each other when I know I don't give a shit about them. Besides, the world is going to end in 2012. Making new friends would just be a waste of time. It's the friends that you already have that you need to cherish.

[intermission] My advice to random people, person, human being, bitches and assholes who come across this post intentionally or accidentally, don't let people's expectation dictates you. Once you start doing that, you will fall into a pit of depression with no one other than yourself to help you get out of it. That and Gintama. Remember this phrase for a successful life: "Fuck it" [/intermission]

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As usual, my relationship was a failure yet again. It was expected though. I already knew we are two very different people. It was only after we are together that he realized that. Well, can't say that I told you so now, can I? Jeebus, I'm really terribad at this kind of shit. I did say that I want to settle down and get serious. It was my number 1 resolution for 2011 after all. Well, guess what? I fucking lied. Apparently I wasn't ready to move on.

Same with anime. It is still the biggest part of my life hence why this blog is still alive and why I constantly need a new hard disk to store all the different anime for every new season. I definitely enjoyed 2011 as an anime fan, as well as a blogger. We have a range of different anime that caters to everyone's need. Having said that, the early half of 2011 was kinda bad for me. I hardly have time for anime because of work which caused me to miss few of the more "popular" choice by the anime fandom like Madoka, Wandering Son and Steins;Gate.

Which is unforgivable.

This made me quit my job. Yes, I am that extreme. Like I said, my job was getting too mundane for me. I needed new challenge as well as something that can make me concentrate on my anime. By June, I already switched job to something that is more flexible. It is nothing permanent though because all this time, I still have not forgotten my number 2 resolution for 2011.

So in October, after I have secured my financial, I enrolled to Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia. I took a part time classes that will last till April 2012 (if I didn't miss any classes that is). I also started my branding for (hopefully) my upcoming pastry house; scrumbtious. Needless to say, I am having a blast and the French chefs whose names I can't even pronounced properly are hot as fuck. All my plans are falling into places.

Oh yeah, I also turned 30 in March. Some people made a big deal out of it, planning for their future like the world is going to end - oh right, it is going to end - never mind then.

I started this last day of 2011 with yaoi and probably will end it with an orgy.


So yeah, I guess 2011 wasn't all that bad for me. The only things that I didn't manage to do were finding a husband, complete my book or buying the PS3 which weren't that big of a deal to begin with. Did I change? Am I a much better/worse person now than I was a year ago? I let you be the judge of that.

Goodbye 2011.


I didn't write a 2011 post but I still have my resolutions from last year that I plan on reposting, seeing as I completed zero of them.

Yaaaay South Park fanart!!

I really admire your attitude towards your career, you're really going for your dreams! Also, everything you make looks absolutely delicious *p* I hope 2012 will be crazy awesome for you :3

Do remind us what that resolutions were, Glo.

Vivi, I have a tendency to act first and think later. When it comes to job, I don't have much choice but to do something that I am passionate about otherwise I work like shit and will only get fired eventually lol. Once I'm bored I will move on to try out different things. Life is short after all. I don't want to spend it by doing something that frustrates me every single day.

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