27 August 2010

Bleach: Episode 285

To those who doesn't read the manga, the preview of the episode at the beginning is really spoilerish and kinda put a damper on their surprise level. I'm just saying...

I pretty much already knows what will happen in this episode since my friends keep talking about it. So that's why I'm not too eager to watch this episode and is late in doing so.

  • I forgot that Mashiro can used her mask for 15 hours. Then why does Love and Rose can only used them for a few minutes only?
  • Urghh wait nvm >_>
  • And thus she got her ass kicked by Wonderweiss. It was a beautiful sight and I'm not even speaking rhetorically.
  • Of course Kensei wouldn't sit around watching his lover get bullied by a retard. He intervened. It was freaking cool to see him clobber the retard. I was especially impressed with the way he unsheathed his zanpaktou. That was cool. Oh hell, I even forgot about his bankai?! *shakes my head*
  • Did Hiyori gives a fucking speech in the manga? Fuck, why can't I remember shit about this moment? I found the flashback annoying as hell. How many times do they want to use the same shit?
  • And here goes Aizen's speech diarrhea again >_>
  • Hiyori fell for the taunt and whaddaya know, Gin cut her in half (yes, he cut her literally in half in the freaking manga! WTF is up with the censoring?! O_o)
  • Realizing that Hachi couldn't help Hiyori, Shinji called out for Ichigo, hoping that he brought Whorehime back to the fake!Karakura with him. That's so fucking pissed me off. Like I said, I'm not thrill with this episode because, just like in the manga, I was disappointed with the ending. I expect so much more from the Vaizard, or at least from Shinji.
  • So we head back to Hueco Mundo. I'm slightly happy that we got to see Rukia again and the fact that she stood her ground even after Renji and Chad were down. When she got caught she didn't even cry for help like a certain whore. Btw, Yammy's face when he was fingering Rukia was funneh
  • My heart warms considerably when Ichigo came to her rescue. When he screamed Rukia's name, it felt like all my stress temporarily fade away and believe me I am so fucking stressful right now I can't think straight >_>

Oh yeah, the quality of animation in this episode is really great. They are very details with the features and all. Everyone, even Yammy, looks appropriate. Good job.

And the omake was funneh. Baldy wearing a speedo. I've seen that one coming XD

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


The poor gal lost her beauty just like that...At least it is better that she get to keep her life.

which gal were you referring too? I assumed it's Mashiro? Well... she was a bit retarded herself which warrants Kensei to look after her. XD

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