26 August 2010

Bleach: Chapter 417

Aight lets take a moment and study Ichigo's new outfit. He has longer hair although not as long and as silky like his full-bodied hollow hair but still, you noticed it. He wears a black glove now. I can't remember if Tensa wears it too but yeah, it kinda make him look slightly gay in my opinion. His final!bankai gives him chain that goes around his arm. I think it just to compensate the lack of sleeves on that arm. The hilt of his bankai got an upgrade as well. Bigger and more menacing than before. Other than that, hey it is still Ichigo ^_^

still as hot as ever =3

Ichigo greeted his friends like nothing bizarre is happening. Of course they were confused and thank you Kubo for the slight comedy moment with the afro guy. Some might worry when Tatsuki said she can't feel anything with Ichigo but she felt overwhelming power from Aizen. It just Kubo's way of telling us that he's more powerful than Aizen now. This could possibly be another plotkai even though Aizen himself was disappointed with the lack of power shown by the new and improved Ichigo. How funny when he nonchalantly said that Ichigo has failed the evolution. What did he expect? That Ichigo grows another set of wings like him? Urgh Aizen you are getting dumber by the chapter.

Didn't he see that Ichigo does not even waver when he's around him? What a fool. Ichigo was cool as fuck, yo.

I lol'd really hard when Ichigo interrupted him in the middle of his speech diarrhea, and fly out of that place. His shocking face was fucking hilarious. The way Kubo drew it, it was like Aizen was squeaking. Admit it, it was funneh.

So I figured they are no longer in Karakura town, but on the ground of the Soul Society. Hah, take that Aizen but Ichigo please don't be too overconfident. God knows what Kubo will transform Aizen's next. I'm just happy that this shit is coming to an end. I'm so fucking ready for a new arc!

Wait, what if there's no new arc and this is the end of Bleach? =\

Oh fuck it, I was trying to ignore the fact that Gin is lying there on his own pool of blood but Ichigo made it impossible for me to do so :(

Wait, what did you mean you are entrusting this to Ichigo, Gin. Don't fucking give up, yet! If you die just from that, that means, there is no chance for Hiyori to survive either. Fuck this Kubo, get Unohana here ASAP! Fuck you if Gin dies. Fuck you to death, sir!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Wow, Gin's going on a trip! Good for him, he seemed like he needed a break. Looks like we won't be seeing him for a while.

Unohana better be on that trip, is all I'm saying

You kidding me Gin? At last moment trying to be a good guy? Or he cant take his revenge as he is dying and leave that revenge on ichigo. Anyway hope the whole ordeal end soon. Die Azien Die!

Gin is not necessarily your "good guy" but he is definitely a firm and motivated believer that what he does is right, and for the sake of "love".

I was never really care if he's the bad or the good guy. I love him all the same. nyoron~

Do you realy think that there will be another arc for Bleach?

Probably you will not like it, but truly said, I would like more some new manga from Kubo. I like more his art style than the characters from Bleach. And I think it's time to start something new.

I honestly hope so. I doubt I will be interested with anything new that Kubo came up with, not if he ends Bleach like this. Like I have said numerous time, he has a lot of rubbish he needs to make up for his fans. He at least owe us that much.

I liked this chapter. It really looks like it's ending. I'm pretty sure Gin is still alive though, especially because he's a good guy.

Of course Gin is alive, even though he said those ridiculous things to Ichigo. Matsumoto will use the last of her energy doing a healing kido for Gin.

And I'm not sure about the end. I mean, this fight would at least take another 3 months to finish.

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