24 November 2009


Men should be glad that they are blessed with a pair of balls and one analog stick instead of a vagina. They do not have to go through menstrual cycle every month.

I was not well since yesterday because it is that time of the month again. It sucks when your body kinda shut down on you against your own will. Not to mention the mood swings.

I want to kick people's balls for no reason. RAWRRR!!

In the early days of period (the first two days), most women would suffered from pain (in my case, pretty extreme) or slight discomfort, which mostly known as the menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea). Lemme tell you that it hurts like hell.

So what do you do to counter those pains? Lots and lots of painkillers.

I swear I'm addicted to the pink stuff @_@

You'll be as good as... well before the cramps, in no time. Painkiller is men most awesome creation to date :D

Lets boogey!


thought that this quite a sensitive topic!

;P LOL blessed with BALLS.

Take care!!

You opened up this can of worms - so here is my 5 cents on the subject:

I need to correct you on this, it is actually 3 weeks of torment - Pre-PMS week, PMS week, then Post PMS week.

Usually I get just one week of peace with my wife for every 4 weeks.

Nuff said ;)

@zh3us, this ain't sensitive. this is common knowledge :P

@Bluedrakon, oh wow. LOL I stand corrected then XD

Too... Much... Info....

@razrig, lets swap gender ^_^

@blur, it was? I thought it was too little? practically a SPAM =\

I hope you feel better.
The nendo photographs are oddly appropriate for the post. Nice pictures. ^ ^

I'm with ya on the shut down part. -_- Can't move and evil as hell for the first three days!!! >=(

OHhhhh, I didn't know you were a girl :D Hey, I'm sorry for all the guys who suck btw. Idk if that'll help but I'm sorry. But yeah, my sister has a hard time with that too :( keep it strong! GANBATTE NEE!!!!


An analog stick fans out in a mushroom top, so that's not what most of us have, hopefully.

more analogous would be a banana and two oranges, or a joystick+A/B on each side.

I can't say I sympathize, but I empathize. I'm damn glad I was born a man.

Depends on woman to woman, my last girl friend didn't had any of this discomfort all girls talk about, even when her menstruation came down every month, she didn't feel anything...

That explains why she was so calm and soft spoken all the time ^^ , in fact, i've yet to see her nervous, fighting or yelling with someone XD

In other words, this explained why I'm such a bitch? :P

I bet there is scientific explanation for your case, fine lady ;)

I think men don't have as much hormones variations as women have along their lives , and aside that, genetics must influence on hormone production too...

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