02 October 2009

Bleach: Chapter 376

bhuahahahaha I just have to laugh out loud when I read the first three pages. Does Halibel really thinks she can scratch Aizen? Jeebus these freaking espadas. Did they just nod their head when Aizen offered them the spot? And she's supposed to replace Nel? What the fuck... someone explained to me how did Aizen numbered his espada, freaking please?!

Look, I'm not a fan of Aizen but I have to admit that he's uber cool sometimes. His confidence level is fucking retarded for even a shinigami God such as himself *approved*

Although it was a given that Aizen and the two traitors will lost this war, I can't wait to see some of the Captains get their ass kicked *cough*oldfuckyamaji*cough*

But... like always, Kubo just loves to make us wait.

Switching on to Mashiro/Kensei vs Wonderweiss (FTW? I've forgotten about this fight!)

I just knew that Mashiro will be toast when she said her mask can last for 15 hours. What did I say for being over-confidence (unless you're the shinigami God Aizen, of course) and/or underestimating your opponent?! *facepalm*

shit? no joke!

Props to Wonderweiss for not giving up no matter how retarded everyone thinks he is. Who would expect that he's the last remaining arrancar standing at the moment? Stark must have feel so much shame right now. I hope his dead body is not writhing in the rubble.

Let see if Kensei will not do the same mistake as the other vaizards. I have high hope for you Kensei!!

What the fuck does sparks fly means? Does Kensei just fucking realized his romantic feelings towards Mashiro? Oh Kensei, I knew you are a child beater from the very start, you pedo! :3

So next week we are going to see Kensei molesting Wonderweiss and hopefully a glimpse of Gin. Or Tousen might have killed his toyboy instead, you know, because Aizen couldn't wait to gang rape the Gotei 13 and the shody wannabe arrancar >D


This felt a bit like a waste of a chapter actually. I'm really disappointed by the arrancars.
Also, I didn't get that spark line either...

Kubo is such a cock-teaser. That's why this chapter felt like a waste. We were expecting Aizen to obliterate everyone and yet, we were served with the stupid fight between Mashiro and Wonderweiss.

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