09 October 2009

Bleach: Chapter 377

I've heard a lot of nerdgasm occurred during spoilers-fun times for this week chapter of Bleach. Being true to myself, I avoided any spoilers thread or my comrades who think it is fun to make me quail under pressure. Friday can't come too soon.

I fangasm. I admit that I fangasm when Shinji is talking to the crew but that was simply because he is SHINJI. I would fangasm if he just stand still and appeared at the corner of the page.

I fangasm when Hiyori starts to lost it although it was kinda predictable. Hiyori is never one for patience. I knew that she'd be the first to fall victim of Aizen's speech diarrhea. But I didn't expect her to fall so easily. Granted that she didn't see Shinsou coming but still...

err yeah, that's Hiyori's leg you were seeing there

I certainly did not see the end coming though. WHAT. THE. FUCK? *angry mode*

Shinji calling out to Ichigo? For real? Don't tell me that Ichigo is going to be the one who defeated Aizen. What is the old fuck Yamaji doing? Cowering underneath some rubble somewhere? FREAKING JEEBUS!!

One might argue that Shinji calling out to Ichigo is because of Inoue, so that Inoue will be able to heal Hiyori. Logical. But... Although I love Hiyori, that reason is just too weak.

This kinda makes me wonder why the hell did Kubo build up all those suspense and tension and gives us the impression that the Vaizard is a kick ass group when they altogether can't take down Aizen. I feel cheated.

Overall, I think I'm just disappointed in Shinji. I expected a tad too much it seems :(


I feel cheated about the Vaizards too. They seem too weak...
I also felt the same way about Arrancar. I thought they should've walked right through the captains.

But I'm glad Gin got some action here. I really like him.

Gin is the highlight of the chapter for me. He's my favorite captain to date.

IS it too late to to be Bleach Fan? because I haven't even started to watch it

It is never too late. You can skip the fillers (except the latest one). You'll become a fan in no time. Guaranteed ^__^

i'll trust those words Klux!

Gin is my second favorite captain of the 13. ^ ^ So yea, that was the highlight of this chapter as well.

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