23 January 2010

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Episode 3

I can already tell that Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 3 is made of awesomesauce when the first scene they recapped was of Tsuchiya doing his thing.

lol @ the pun

And since this show has never disappoint me before, it won't start doing that now either. Yoshii was forced to bring Himeji and Minami to the cinema. Being the calculative bastards, he was of course miserable all the way despite that these two beauties want to get into his pants (which btw, he has no idea about because he's that dense).

the undeniable truth?

There they met with Yuuji and his stalker, Kirishima who doesn't accept no as an answer. When Yuuji tried, he gets electrocuted lol

and she's blushing too *chuckles*

Yuuji ended up watching the 3 long hours film twice with this chick just because she said so. It was a given that Himeji and Minami are envious. They want a guy like Yuuji too who will always (forced to) follows their desires XD

The next day, on his way to school, Yoshii bumped onto Kubo from A Class who apparently is gay for him. The indication was all there. I'm not making this up! Kubo was eating a bread when he bumped onto Yoshii and the bread fell to the ground with obvious bite mark. Yoshii being a cheap bastard asked him if he wanna eat that bread. The first thought that came up in their mind was totally different and coupled with awesome sfx it became the funneh.

Being a yaoi fan, I lol'd hard at these XD

At school, Yoshii found Himeji near his locker with the love letter that he thought for Yuuji. What a stiff and thick fucker lol

Then he met Yuuji and Yuuji recounted what happened yesterday when he 'watched' the movie with Kirishima. In summary:


As they entered the classroom, Yoshii realized that their class situation has become more dire because they lost to A class. Instead of a desk, now they used empty boxes as their study table. Yoshii being Yoshii, he quickly blamed Yuuji for it and got wrestled by Minami because of it. If I didn't know any better, I would say that Yoshii was asking for it. He is quite the masochist.

By the way, as for the ESB, since they lost in the last match, they aren't allow to challenge other classes for another 3 months so they are basically stuck in that rat hole.

The following weekend, Yoshii had to treat Minami and Himeji again. And again they met Yuuji with the hand cuff on. They also met Minami's stalker, Kubo and Hideyoshi. One thing led to the other and before I know it, I got this:

lol wut?!

And that letter Himeji was writing... well, it ain't a love letter but a chain letter. WTF. But Yoshii did received a love letter by Kubo, complete with his glamor shot. heh

The amount of screencaps for this one is ridiculous. I just got carried away. This is definitely the second most entertaining anime of the season (first is Durarara!!). So here I present thee with the rest of the random screencaps.

What a motivational speech...


Match made in heaven

Look at the opportunist! >3

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu just presents more and more good stuff to me. I seriously have no complain about the show up to this point and really hopes that the trend will continue.

edit: I would have no problem to be Kirishima's pet and I like Kubo the minute I saw him blushing. Damn these characters are awesome. Except for the girl who is gay for Minami. She reminds me of Kuroko and I don't like Kuroko much.


LOL i finally got around to watch this series! loving it all the way, haha the BL bit was totally unexpected and hilarious XD

Kouta is my fav, hes not afraid to act when the opportunity presents itself lol

everyone bows in respect whenever Kouta Tsuchiya name came up. He is the man.

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