20 January 2010

Bleach: Episode 254

Wasn't really in the mood for Bleach episode but best get this done and over with.

Says Rukia

Says Inoue

Says Rukia

Says Inoue

What a difference XP

Anyway, like I said in the last episode, the details of the episodes were fucked up. But I am sure they'll come up with some bullshit like Mayuri figured out how to make the zanpaktou whole again or shit like that.

And bingo! They did just that!


So what? Didn't the blade broke into two for the defeated zanpaktous? Don't tell me that Mayuri forged the broken zanpaktou again... Also, PLOTKAI!! Suddenly they can take out menos so easily? Weren't their masters struggled against them (except for the captain level shinigami. duh)?

And instead of focusing the enemies, they still have time to bicker. What the hell, this is definitely NOT bleach!


Also look at Renji and how he disrespect his taicho! He would never get away with it if this is Bleach!

Shut up you baboon!

Eh but wait! Where is Muramasa, you asked? Oh right I forgot to tell you what happened to him. Study the screen cap below:

See that blob of a thing? That's the fucker. Like I said, PLOTKAI to the extreme. Apparently he became the portal/Garganta and keeps importing menos to the real world. Kurosaki Ichigo is in the middle of that blob thingy. I'm sure he'll burst open the shit when the time has come for him to make a re-entrance.

I agree!

In the end, this filler arc that has so much potential turned to shit. I wonder if they changed director in the middle of the arc because the vast difference between first half and the second half were too apparent.

You can say that again, snakey...

Having said all that, I have to say that the end of this episode is pretty cool I guess when the shinigami combines their reiatsu to push back the menos.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

p/s: I love the omake though! XD


Yeah, I just did a podcast recording of wht's been going on up till now and a review...and it's just stupid. Tune in when I get it up.

It's funny, because I talked about Rukia and Inoue muttering people's names too lol.

Can't wait for the post!

Heh, lets talk about Rukia and Inoue because I can talk about this all day -_^

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