27 January 2010

Bleach: Episode 255

I've checked wiki and according to them, this week episode is the last episode of the season 13. I was hoping it is the last episode of the arc but doesn't seems like it. Well we just have to see till the end of the episode to find out, right?

Let's get on with it.

Remember that Ichigo was inside that blob thingy? Apparently he was taken to the inner world of Muramasa. I gotta say that his entrance was pretty stylish. I like that.

Muramasa didn't waste any time to attack Ichigo. Heh awesome. This shit has been dragged long enough if you asked me.

Muramasa's power has something to do with the reflection in the water and once Ichigo figured that out, Muramasa is pretty powerless. Once the water rippled, everything else crumbled.

But I shouldn't count the chicken before the egg hatch. Apparently Muramasa has more up his sleeves than what Ichigo and I anticipated so Ichigo got his ass kicked. But Ichigo quickly got his wit back thanks to Zangetsu. Together they beat the crap out of Muramasa. It was pretty sick but get this: ICHIGO WAS FIGHTING WITH HIS EYES CLOSED!

I am happy to report that Ichigo didn't use his hollow powers. Not even once. I'm getting bored seeing him fight with the aid of the hollow power. It would be nice if Hichigo Shirosaki himself take over once in a while, you dig?

Ichigo saved Muramasa in the end (duh, it's not like we didn't see this coming).

Ichigo's gay moment #47

Holy fuck?! O_o

And then all the zanpaktous returned to their sheaths. I can't believe I'm gonna say this after I bicth in every episodes, but... I'm gonna missed those fuckers.

And guess what. This filler arc is definitely over but we are going to have another fillers coming up next week. I can't say that I'm mad or anything since I've been expecting this. Also because Ulquiorra has asked nicely ^w^

kiyaaaaaaah!!! *inserts heart*

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


I guess I'll watch these fillers, I kind of want to see them, and now that i know that this specific filler arc is over, I can watch without worrying about catching up and having to wait.

I honestly don't see the big deal about filler arcs, I mean, they're the same as watching an anime related movie....like, Fade to Black had nothing to do with the manga plot, but it was a good watch. A filler ARC is kind of the same thing, except it's broken into episodes. The one drawback is that they STUCK IT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF AN AWESOME FIGHT SCENE!

i don't have problems with fillers either. As a manga reader I understand the needs for the fillers because really, the episodes are catching up too fast with the manga. And often time the fillers, especially when they are in the real world just being kids and not shinigamis, are made of funtimes. I guess most people have problems with fillers is because the stupid story line. I still cringed whenever I remember IAMGAY (read: Amagai) arc. Still, bounto was the worst.

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