21 January 2010

Bleach: Chapter 389

Ah, at last they speak some sense...

And yet, why is Shinji doing all the talking? So now he's the representative of the shinigami? What happened to the old fuck Yamaji? No, the more appropriate question is this: WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?

Toushiro was the first to attack Aizen. That was unexpected. Then Shunsui appeared. So it was 2 on 1. Then Komamura joined in before the rest of the Vaizards took action.


And then I realized what they were doing. LOL it took Soi Fon to make sense. I wanted to headdesk at that XD

I am glad that they were aware that this is a battle of survival. This means that they did not underestimating Aizen. Underestimating the God would be fatal.

that's the way, Ichigo

I chuckled at Toushiro's attempt to school Aizen about what it takes to be a captain. He said something like "using the blade of hatred is just violence". Did he forget how pissed he was when Aizen insta-kill Hinamori. Oops, looks like Aizen did not forget about that. You got owned Toushiro! LOL

And what do you know, that words were enough to push Toushiro off the edge. Oh man... this is funny.

Yet this is also good.

I like this week chapter. With only 20 pages Kubo can only rammed so much. I don't think he dragged this one out. Actually, I think the pace is very appropriate. For those who complained, need I remind you that we are talking about Aizen here people! The fight is meant to be EPIC. Epic fight will not be done in just a few chapters. I would be pissed if it does. I mean, I have not even seen Gin yet. Oh Gin *dreamy eyes*

I am also happy to know that Hiyori is in good hands now :)

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Well yeah, I guess that's true, this is meant to be long and epic... Still, how many one page spreads now has Kubo done of daiguren hyourinmaru >.>? Didn't really like this one, Hitsugaya was being stupid. But it did do a lot more than usual, I'll give it that.

Exactly, what IS yamamoto doing? did kubo just forget about the guy?

Hitsugaya tried to out trash-talk Aizen... that never works well.

Not only is Yamaji gone, Gin seems to have disappeared as well. I think Gin is going to get some easy kills because nobody on the other team is paying any attention to him.

I don't really mind the one page spread. I live for a one page spread as long as it is bleach's. LOL

This goes to show the vast difference in experience between Aizen who was around for the last 100 years? and the prodigy Toushiro who is still a baby in shinigami years. It served it purpose.

The old fuck fucking himself? I dunno >_>

and you know who else is missing? Ukitake with a hole in his abdomen XD

Gin will probably appear in the next chapter and kid around with the Vaizards. Or he could switch side and kill Aizen instead. Insta-kill! *chuckles*

Yeah... not going to happen.

This chapter is such a cock tease. The chapters are so short, but this time, in a good way. I feel that the next few chapters are going to be pretty awesome. Anxious for the next chapter.

Anyways, I've been waiting for Gin to do his thing for a long time. I hope Kubo does a good job with him (unlike with Tousen).

If Kubo did another Tousen on Gin, I'm gonna cut his fucking balls off!

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