28 January 2010

Bleach: Chapter 390

Whoa Toushiro is really pissed.

That just makes me laugh. I mean, he is acting just like what Aizen suspected of him. How immature. It will only make me laugh harder when he gets nailed so easily by Aizen. The shinigamis keep saying that they won't allow Aizen to release his zanpaktou but do they really think his power is that limited?

Just like Aizen (and Gin), I can only afford to smile at their foolishness.

While Toushiro going all out, Komamura and Love interfered. There is not even a scratch on Aizen.

I can honestly say that Komamura does not see what's coming for him. The same goes for every other shinigami. This is where they will be dropping like flies. I almost feel sorry for them. I hope some of them will turn out dead though ^__^

Part of me is glad that Aizen decides to take care of them himself (without breaking a sweat I might add) but the other part of me wish we could have Gin in the mix right about now. It is not enough that he's standing in the sideline making us understand how fearsome Aizen is. We already know that. The only one clueless about that shit are the shinigamis.

My question from previous chapter still stand: WHERE THE FUCK IS THE OLD FUCK?

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Komamura was made to pwned lol.

The old guy is probably taking a nap somewhere. Old people need their naps.

Kubo has been enlarging Aizen's cock for the last few chapters now. Nothing else's been happening. I mean, people are getting cut up, but people get cut up more than they breathe in Bleach...

I can't wait to see how Kubo will make the mighty Aizen fall. A simple stab to the heart won't cut it after he keeps repeating how strong and godly Aizen is.

Komamura got cut the same way when he fought the late Tousen. That was gay

By old fart you mean the no 1 captain? I dun like him ever since the beginning. Hope he die soon enough.

woah Hitsugaya just kept going on and on XD

wonder how this is going to work out if Aizen starts dropping everyone like flies. maybe the old guy finally does something and takes on Aizen so Gin gets his turn to beat the crap outta the remaining captains? lol

@LEon, none other than that fucking useless captain commander.

@rockleelotus, Toushiro is a kid. He's allowed to be excited and don't get your hopes high. I think the old fuck might be somewhere dying of a heart attack after he saw how Godly Aizen is.

I'm really annoyed with Hitsugaya. He talks too much and doesn't really back it up with anything.

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