29 January 2010

Random post is random

No, this post have nothing to do with Hideyoshi but lets make it clear that I am gay for him.

And I think Kaito is the awesome.

Alright let's get on with this post.

Few people have asked me what kind of job do I have. I always answered: the best kind.

I have been lucky when it comes to job. The only job that I applied for was the one right after my graduation and it was fun for a while (about 3 months) before an asshole came in and started to piss me off with his stupidity.

Couple of months after that I got an offer from pitstop. It is one of the subsidiary project for Fifthnet Technology. I was offered a job as an administrator. I gladly accepted it because back then (2003) I was (and am?) a Formula One fanatic. Less than two years after that, I was promoted as Content Editor. This is the turning point when I become a passionate writer. The best part of the job I guess is that I don't have to leave the house for work. My office is my home unless there was a race I have to attend or meet the clients. At pitstop I was responsible for Formula One, WRC, A1GP, GP2, WSR and AFOS. It was a glorious job. I love every minutes of it until Lewis Hamilton get into the picture and totally ruin Formula One for me. The year he won his first ever Drivers Championship, my passion for the sport plummeted and last year I decided to quit the job that I have been doing for almost 5 years.

I started writing free lance. And then I realized I have free times on my hands which mean I can enjoy doing what I like best: writing. That is how this blog started being active again. It also means I have time to enjoy my anime and manga.

Besides that, I make dresses for fun too but meh that's for another entry.

In October, I joined JOHO and was offered to be more active. I honestly didn't think it was anything significant when they approached me so I said yes out of habit. I quickly realized it was more than that. I become one of the front men. In JOHO, we do stuffs that entice the youth (range 18-35 years old) in my state to be more active. So we came up with a project called SPAM! (Southern Project of Arts Movement) where we promote these talented youth and give them platform for them to express themselves. At the same time, hopefully they’ll make a bit of a profit and make name for themselves. That is just one of our projects. There are tons of other stuffs coming up and I will be super damn busy from now onwards. I look forward to that /sarcasm.

On another unrelated note, in episode 193 of Gintama, they announced that the show is going to end in April. They have been doing the same shit countless time before so there is a slight possibility that this is another one of their stunts. This better be a fucking bloody joke or I WILL RAGE.

Oh and there will be two Malaysian teams on the grid of Formula One this year: The 1Malaysia team (pfft WTF with that name?) who will be drove by Fisichella and Kovalainen and Mercedes Petronas who will be drove by Michael Schumacher (fuck yes!) and Nico Rosberg. Obviously I have more faith on Mercedes Petronas. Not only because they have Schumacher in the cockpit but they were the former Brawn GP that wins the Constructors Championship last year. Duh.

Am I the only one who think it was funneh that Petronas rather sponsor a foreign team than a local team? XD

I am gonna end this note with a statement: Orihara Izaya is my new Ichimaru Gin


SPAM! :p

Not an F1 fan, so I can't really comment on that aspect. But it's good to know that you got a job you like. *Detects MoaR Jealouszy!

But I'm curious, since you are doing freelance now. Is it still mainly involved with the racing industry or has offer for other categories turned up as well?

"Besides that, I make dresses for fun too but meh that's for another entry." - cosplay? Xp

And I just noticed your twitter...
This is not crap. It's crap if no one is interested.

And I'm interested. ;)

still with the racing industry but I think I'm gonna quit altogether now. I'm too busy with JOHO for anything else.

heh, yeah. I sewed myself a kimono ^_^

A writer and a clothing designer! How awesomely talented. ^ ^

damn your really talented! good luck with your projects ^^ who doesnt love SPAM! lol :P

"heh, yeah. I sewed myself a kimono ^_^"

Those things cost a bomb here! Sounds like a good source of income, if you do indeed drop writing on racing. ;p

Awesome! I always want to do a freelance job and writing but it'd never fit with my lifestyle and habits.

Aw, it's not about Hideyoshi ;-;?
Liking one's job certainly is the penultimate, most important thing - as something one will be doing for the majority of one's life, it'd only be healthy to get some form of gratification from it.

I'm still at that stage in life where I'm striving for a pipe-dream job I'll love and excel in, but I'll let that play out with time. At any rate, I'm glad to hear you enjoy your work right now and it leaves your interests breathing space.

Baka to Test is the most homoerotic straight-show ever, and the problem is that it doesn't disturb me at all. I wonder to what degree that should worry me.

2 times 12 is not 24, it's a very unfair pairing for the team with 2.

Think about that until it makes sense.

@Yi, I'm guess I got talented hands? better insured it then XP

@rockleelotus, actually I have just got back from another project (photography outing) and it was another success. Now I gotta start planning on next month's project (charity)

@blur, how much does it cost? I absolutely have no idea =\

@Canne, in the early days it never fits with my lifestyle either. I think I just grew accustomed to it? O_o

@Ningyo, I think you guys are alright since you have a long way to go to decide what you are going to do. I'm already nearing my 30's so I am kinda grateful that at my age I already have shares of the company.

Also, you don't need to worry. You don't have a problem. It would only be a problem if you were disturbed by the show.

@Glo, I is cracking my head open, literally *bloods spraying everywhere*

"it would only be a problem if you were disturbed by the show"
Hahaha. So true it hurts.

A cosplayer told me that it cost rm1.2k. For a kid sized kimono!!! KiD-Sized!!!!!

WTF? That much?! I can make money with this shit! fucking w00t!!

but maybe that's because of the material used. I just used chinese silk for experiment and it turns out good but not great. Maybe that's why?

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