07 September 2009


Okay, if that spread does not got your blood pumping or your b0nar expanding, then something is definitely wrong with you.

Meet Ultimo the 'Good' of Karakuri Douji, one of the first ultimate robot that was made by Dunstan. This old fucktard also made Vice the "Evil". The reason he created these robots are because he wants to see who is the strongest: Good or Evil. Fascinating idea, don't you think?

Ultimo is a collaboration manga between Stan Lee (yes, the Stan Lee from Marvel Comics) and Takei Hiroyuki (the same mangaka that did Shaman King). Stan Lee is the author and Takei is responsible for the art. I must say that it is a brilliant combination. I love the story so far and I thought it is original. I also like how the robots look like. They are so effing adorable. Although at first I find it hard to believe that Ultimo or Pardone are males. I'm not complaining, just wanna say that I was amused =D

The Karakuri Douji needs a master so that they can learn the good/evil of things. Once they couldn't learn anything else from their master, their contract/vow/whatever will be terminated which mean they can kill their former master and go look for a new one. Of course, that's what Evil Karakuri Douji would do.

The story really gets interesting when they introduced the six Karakuri Douji of good. Also known as the "six perfections". Let me list the names of the Douji that has been introduced so far: Ultimo the "good", Regula the "moral", Pardone the "patience", Sopia the "wisdom", Service the "charity", Slow the "Energy" and Gorg the "meditation". They have also introduced the masters for the six perfections. One in particular (besides Agari Yamoto) has caught my eyes. He is Murayama Musashi. His Douji is unknown at the moment.

Yamato is the master for Ultimo. At this point in time Jealous the "envy" doesn't have a master yet because he just killed the old fuck Irumi. Too bad Yamato is too slow to make Jealous as one of his. Just think of the good that will do... I am disappointed to see lol'd at Vice's master. He is called K (urgh why the fuck K?!) and has this stupid look on his face. Truth of the matter is, Vice is the one with the order and what not. He is just using K. Behold the powah of Evil!!! XD

If the "Good" has six perfection, then the "Evil" has six sins. So far that have been introduced are Jealous the Envy (Shitto no Jealous) and Edile the Glutton (Boushoku no Edile). It hasn't been explained in details but Jealous is after Lune (Yamato's bestfriend) to be his master while Edile's master is a 6 year old kid with a foul mouth. It was an interesting mix of characters for both sides.

After the master and the Karakuri Douji made the ceremonial vow, they got a power up. In Ultimo and Jealous's case, they became a giant mecha. Awesome? Very.

Watch this space for updates. So far it is only up to chapter 10. There is a long way to go.

Art 9/10
Storyline 8/10
Characters 9/10
Enjoyment 9/10
Overall 9/10


Holy fuck this looks cool!

I'm just curious though, given that Stan Lee is in it, does this mean that Ultimo is out in english?

since it was featured in Shounen Jump, I presumed it is only out in Japanese.

however Viz is publishing it too so I guess there's an English version as well?

Out of curiosity, does Stan Lee speak Japanese?

heh no. Stan Lee does not speak Japanese nor does Takei speaks English.

Dan, one of the character in this series is actually based on Stan.

hahaha trivia FTW?

Well this looks quite interesting!

I went "Stan Lee?? o_0!"
three times reading the review...

Just brings about a weird vibe. Lol!

ultimo~~ hmm.. seem it doesnt goes to my head tho~~... look intresting...

is shounen not your thingy, razrig?

@kluxorious: depend lolz ^^, but dont think is this one huhu ^^

Idea sounds and looks amazing, but why does the evil guy have a better name? Vice sounds a lot cooler than Ultimo

Because evil guys rulez!!

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